JoJo's Navy Romper Is A Wardrobe Must Have

This season of the Bachelorette is filled with drama, lots of guys with the same haircut and one seriously amazing romper collection from the season's star, Joelle Fletcher. I'm serious, it seems like every episode she debuts an amazing new romper, and when the fantasy suite episode took the show's cast to Thailand, I knew she'd have to expand her warm weather wardrobe to include more rompers. Turns out I wasn't wrong, because JoJo's navy blue romper with the cutout shoulders gave me some serious closet envy.

Turns out, it was actually a dress! Way to switch it up, JoJo. From what I could see of Fletcher's dress during the episode, it had long, cutout sleeves, a high neckline and an adorable scalloped hem. It was the perfect outfit for her date with Chase, and I had to figure out where to buy the dress as soon as I saw it. Luckily there are accounts and websites like Possessionista that list the information about where to buy everything Fletcher has worn during the season, but when I was watching it, the website hadn't been updated yet. I wasn't the only one who was dying to see what this navy dress/romper situation was, though:

You can kind of see the neckline in this screengrab from Monday's episode.

It's super cute, right? And after some sleuthing, I finally figured out what the dress was. It's the Lauren dress from Ramy Brook, and it's so adorable.

Ramy Brook Lauren Dress, $395,

Here's the dress in black, but it also comes in JoJo's navy.

As adorable as JoJo's dress is, it's more of a splurge than an everyday purchase. Here are a few affordable options to shop if you're looking for something a little more budget-friendly.

C/MEO Collective Cold Shoulder Romper, $180,

This romper isn't a perfect match for Fletcher's, but the long sleeves are exactly like hers.

Aqua Cold Shoulder Romper, $70.40,

This romper is another v-neck, but I'm obsessed with the slightly scalloped details on the shorts.

Black Layered Crochet Trim Romper, $39.95,

If you're not totally attached to the idea of a navy romper, this option is super cute, and I love the flowy sleeves.

While I'm impatiently waiting for someone to give me the details about this romper, these three cute options will just have to do for now.