This Potential 'GG' Spoiler Is Intriguing

by Emily Lackey

It’s one of my favorite scenes in Gilmore Girls history: Kirk, in all of his earnest sincerity, screens his untitled film to a group of unsuspecting Stars Hollow residents, and the masterpiece is met with silence and confusion. I doubt anyone would blame the people of Stars Hollow for being so confused, because Kirk’s film definitely had the ability to leave a person speechless — but it was also a masterpiece and should have been treated as such! Well, brace yourselves, Gilmore Girls fans, because the Gilmore Girls Instagram posted a copy of Kirk’s movie, claiming that the film was discovered at the film store in town — and this big reveal has me wondering if this infamous movie will make an appearance in the Gilmore Girls revival.

Let me just say it ahead of time: I vote yes. I vote a big, emphatic yaaaaaaas that Kirk’s film somehow be apart of the Gilmore Girls revival. Even if it’s just a passing reference, I would be satisfied knowing that this masterpiece was valued enough to make a comeback in today’s version of Stars Hollow.

Thankfully, there are some signs in this picture that point to the film making a comeback, with or without me wishing for it. After all, the VHS tape has the word “Netflix” written along its front. The fact that the network that is releasing the Gilmore Girls revival seems to be laying claim to this film gives me hope that the streaming service will be including it in some way. Maybe in the bonus features?

But, then again, it is a VHS tape. And for a service that is best known for instant streaming, it’s unlikely that such an antiquated form of viewing will be made possible. Still, I’m holding out hope that Netflix converts this movie to digital and includes it in some way in the revival. Especially since it would fit in perfectly with the Stars Hollow musical. All of that interpretive dancing in Kirk’s film would go so well with a musical about the history of Stars Hollow, don’t you think?

So I’m holding my breath that this movie is somehow included in the revival. If it’s not, at least we can watch it on repeat in the meantime.

Image: Netflix