Why Were Nicole & Corey Fighting On 'BB18'?

by Emily Lackey

Oh, those Big Brother showmances. There really is nothing like them. Not only do they cause some of the best moments during each Big Brother season, they also cause a lot of the drama that goes down in the house. Whether it’s alliances formed or alliances broken, the romances that happens in the house are often at the heart of some of the seasons’ biggest blowouts. So when Nicole and Corey started talking rather tensely about a fight that happened on the live feeds, my voyeurism went into full-effect. What’s that you say about a fight? And why were Nicole and Corey fighting? This drama is one confusing mess that is definitely worth getting into.

And trust me when I say that it’s worth it, because if this fight is the thing that separates the Corey and Nicole showmance, it could change up the house dynamic. So let’s rewind the clock and try to make out what exactly is happening between these two love birds in the Big Brother house.

Here’s what it comes down to: This lovers’ quarrel is all about a room. The secret room. You know, the one that Julie Chen announced on Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother? It turns out that there is a secret code to the room that only some players have discovered. And, of course, some of those players are unwilling to tell to others. And by “some of those players,” I mean Corey, because Corey found out the code and didn’t tell Nicole. In fact, to make things even more awkward, Nicole had to hear it from Victor that Corey knew the code. Which, for a duo that spends most of their time together, definitely feels like something worth getting upset over.

Once Nicole confronts Corey about not telling her that he knows the code, all kinds of tense conversations erupt. The main thing Nicole seems to be upset over is that she would have told Corey the code if she had known it, but he didn’t tell it to her. As tensions rise over this topic of who is more loyal in this budding showmance, one thing becomes abundantly clear: Nicole doesn’t want this fight to be aired on national television. So you can imagine how displeased Nicole was when Corey then went into the Diary Room and was asked to talk about the fight.

See why this fight lasted for hours?

We’ll see if this conflict ever sees the light of day, but what I’ll be interested in is how their showmance can make it through this turmoil with their alliance in tact. If these two breakup, the entire house could be shaken up.

Image: CBS; Giphy