'Reign': Destiny and the True OTP is Questioned in "The Consummation"

Is Reign just playing with us now? Or is it brilliantly playing on the idea of TV characters having an OTP (One True Pairing)? This week, in "The Consummation," decisions were made. Well, one big decision was made. Mary finally chose between Bash and Francis. Unlike many teen dramas — in which a character might "choose" a love interest, but it's always up in the air — the choice in Reign came with an exchange of "I dos." The stakes are a little higher in royal court than in high school.

Last week, Francis returned and this week, he married Mary.

That's right: Francis and Mary got hitched. Sorry, Team Bash. Here's a quick recap of the timeline of this love triangle:

- Mary and Francis are betrothed when she's six years old. They're totes adorbs childhood sweethearts.

- Mary goes to live at a convent. Francis sleeps around, becomes a brat and falls in love with a lady at court.

- Mary returns to France, ready to wed. Francis is all, "Hell no! I'll wait and see what's best for my country and girl, that might not be you."

- Francis falls for Mary's awesomeness. They're madly in love. Bash has a crush on Mary.

- Francis and Mary are ready to tie the knot and Catherine convinces her that Francis will die if she does. She ditches him for his brother, Bash, to save him.

- Mary and Bash fall in kind of love, but it never feels quite as genuine and passionate as her love for Francis.

- It turns out it never was as passionate or genuine. When Francis returns and Nostradamus rescinds his prophecy, she picks Francis.

It seems perfect, right? #OTP. Team Francis can rejoice. The show literally said that it was fate for them to be together.

Until it turned right around and said it was fate for them not to be. During the wedding, after everyone has done a lot of mind-changing that makes them look like iffy leaders for a whole country, let alone three (they're looking to rule France, Scotland and England), Nostradamus realizes that crazy disfigured "ghost" girl Clarissa is still alive after all. This is a bummer, since her death was what made it fated for Marry and Francis to hook up forever. The old prophecy is back in play; Mary and Francis being together means Francis will be dead soon, like within a year.

Is Reign saying that Francis and Mary aren't the OTP? Are Mary and Bash really the OTP? WHAT'S GOING ON? Most teen dramas like to court a little fan controversy with the romantic pairings, but I can't think of many that have literally questioned the characters' destinies as part of the storyline. Now that Mary and Francis are wedded and bedded (they have a public consummation to prove it to everyone), it's going to be harder than ever for Boring Bash to break through, if that's what anyone even wants at this point. (Full disclosure: I'm Team Francis.)

Image: The CW