Selena Gomez's New Hair Is Wavy Perfection

Selena Gomez is currently on the Revival Tour, and she's totally slaying it on stage. With gorgeous tour attire and a beauty look to kill, she's a queen when she's on stage. Now, Gomez is changing up her style via her hair. So is Selena Gomez's wavy hair real? The long bob is fabulous either way, but the latest iteration of the star's famously brunette looks is definitely a keeper. I've got my fingers crossed that the shorter, voluminous look is here to stay for the "Kill Them With Kindness" singer.

On Tuesday, Gomez took to her insanely popular Instagram account and began to post images of herself with the new 'do. While the photos seem like her typical, every day posts, fans quickly noticed that the singer's locks were markedly shorter and curlier than they'd been on the other legs of her tour. The switch up begs the question of whether or not the long bob is here to stay. After all, many have been burned my celebrities and wigs in the past. Here's looking at you, Kylie Jenner.

Gomez's recent chop, however, is far less obvious as to whether or not its a wig. My guess? Gomez potentially had extensions and simply removed them. The curls, however, seem to be a totally new look. Regardless of whether not or Gomez actually chopped off her locks or removed extensions, the whole look is still killer, especially those gorgeous, natural-looking curls.

This isn't the first time that Gomez has made a change up, though. Just a few weeks ago, she debuted some gorgeous bangs on her tour as well.

She's also switched up her color several times this summer. From bronde to a subtly lighten-up, she's rocked less dark locks quite a bit as of late.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Regardless of whether or not we're still debating if Selena Gomez's new wavy long bob is real, it looks fabulous no matter what.

Keep rocking different locks, Selena Gomez. You could slay the game with any look, girl!