11 Feminist Fashion Items To Get From Etsy ASAP

If you're super into fighting the patriarchy, joining your local girl gangs, wanting equal right for all, and supporting and encouraging your fellow women, then you my friend are a feminist. And you can share that fact loud and proud with a bevy of cheeky and quirky feminist fashion items from Etsy, which can arrive at your doorstep in just a short couple of days. From de-stigmatizing periods to taking a political stand for reproductive rights, there's a little something for everyone on the predominantly handmade-item site.

And the best part is that all of these items are cute as hell. I myself have created a gallery wall in my room with adorable illustrations of hairy legs and granny panties, while throwing in a couple of candy heart-shaped "feminist" pins and thunder thigh brooches for good measure. While some might think it's pretentious, I think it's important to spread the idea that we're feminists: That we support women and actively fight for more space than society is usually willing to give us.

That, and it's usually a super rad moment when you notice that another girl on the bus has a Leslie Knope tote and the both of you do this "'sup sister" head nod. So without further ado, below are 11 feminist fashion items you should get from Etsy immediately.

1. Feminist Grocery Bag

Feminist Tote Bag, $6.80, Goats and Totes/ Etsy

Load up on celery sticks and Cheeto bags with the help of this cute but to-the-point feminist tote. It's pretty, but still patriarchy-smashing.

2. "Sass The Patriarchy" Brooch

Sass The Patriarchy, $13, Sweet and Lovely/Etsy

I need this on my denim jacket, and I need it immediately. There's nothing more cheeky than thumbing your nose at oppression with a girly ribbon.

3. Feminist Icon Collar Clips

Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Collar Clip Set, $16, Sweet and Lovely/Etsy

Any day in which you wear BFFs Tina and Amy on your collar is going to be a pretty amazing day. Make these women proud by doing your very best work on the days when you wear them — and channel their badass voices and hardworking demeanor like they were your spirit animals.

4. Girl Gang Patch

Girl Gang Iron On Patch, $2.70, Extreme Largeness/Etsy

Boast your admission into the local girl gang with this sweet and cheeky patch. Iron that bad boy right onto your jean pockets and see if you can recruit any more applicants.

5. Period Panties Brooch

Bloody Panties Handmade Brook, $4.80, Gentle Walrus/ Etsy

Tired of body shaming and of periods being treated like some taboo disease that's supposed to be tip-toed around? Fight back the stigma with this free-flow pin and wear it loud and proud on your backpack.

6. Slut Talk Pin

Slut Talk Enamel Pin, $12, Total Major/Etsy

There are no such things as "sluts," y'all. There are only humans with varying levels of sexual activity. And if one woman happens to enjoy a higher sex drive than what some arbitrary and faceless person deemed "acceptable," than so be it. There's no label for her, and you can support that idea with this brooch.

7. Anti-Patriarchy Pin

My Cup of Tea Feminist Brooch, $15, Modern Girl Blitz/ Etsy

Speaking of pins, how sweet is this one? I'd like two lumps of sugar in my cup, please.

8. Reproductive Rights Tote

Feminist Tote Bag, $16, Fabulously Feminist/ Etsy

Are you passionate about keeping control over your body? Let the world know (and spread the message) with this fabulous canvas bag.

9. Rad Girls Club Tee

Rad Girls Club Tee, $25, Total Major/Etsy

I love anything that fosters a strong sense of camaraderie between women, so this "rad girls club" tee is right up my alley. Love your sisters — don't be against them or be in competition with them. It's all about ladies supporting ladies!

10. Cyndi Lauper Tee

Feminist Cyndi Lauper Tee, $30, Feminist Apparel/ Etsy

I don't think I've ever seen anything more amazing than having Cyndi Lauper support the cause every time I glance down at my tee. Sing the anthem with her by investing in this casual fashion staple.

11. Thunder Thighs Pin

Thunder Thighs Enamel Pin, $8, Laundry Dayy/Etsy

Champion body positivity and the love for all women's bodies with these tongue-in-cheek thunder thigh pins. Love.

See? Expressing your politics through your fashion has never looked cuter.

Images: Courtesy Brands