'Bachelorette' Finale Promo Hints At JoJo's Choice

With only one week left, Bachelorette mania is at a fever pitch — will JoJo choose Robby or Jordan? While both men have their merits and drawbacks, JoJo will have to rely on her heart and her head to choose the man with whom she’ll spend the rest of her life. But I want to know now whom JoJo is engaged to! Luckily, I really think she’s leaning toward someone and the promo for The Bachelorette finale offers clues about her choice.

A lot of the new preview has JoJo reenacting Sliding Doors (remember that Gwyneth flick?) — if she picks Robby, will she regret not picking Jordan? And vice versa, of course. But the place where she seems the most hung up is Jordan — JoJo is shown talking to her family, presumably, about how she needs to make sure that Jordan would be there for her in a crisis. You don’t really worry about these things unless you’re in love with someone, because if you’re not, you don’t have anything to lose if they bail. I think all of the crying over Jordan and what he feels for her is JoJo’s way of stressing about taking the plunge with him. She is in love with him, and she’s feeling the pressure of knowing a person for six weeks and getting engaged. You can watch the preview below.

Another interesting point to note is that JoJo gave a very non-committal, “I’m very happy,” to Chris Harrison when he asked how she was doing after The Bachelorette. Could JoJo have picked no one? It’s not a loss for her to realize that neither man is for her and to carry on living her life. It shows that JoJo is strong enough to do what’s right for her and not fall into a bad relationship. We’ll know who, if anyone, JoJo picks very soon — we just have to hang tight.

Image: Veronica Gambini/ABC