10 Beautiful Travel-Inspired Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books have gotten popular to the point that they've driven demand for colored pencils. So it’s no wonder that you can now find books featuring everything from Lisa Frank’s ’90s nostalgia to countries around the world. The hobby has caught on, allowing people to decompress, color their way to a better mood, and see sights they may otherwise not have a chance to. The options for travel-inspired adult coloring books are extensive, making it easy to fantasize about journeys to faraway places.

Summer is the perfect time to travel, but with time and money often serving as obstacles, travel tomes may be the closest you come to some of your dream destinations. Whether works of fiction, real-life travel stories, or coloring books, they offer you a taste of the unfamiliar, from the comfort of your own home. Travel-inspired coloring books are particularly special because they tap into your creativity and bring far-off locations to life. You don’t get the salty scent of the ocean or hear the birds chirping in the trees, but you get your money’s worth when it comes to relaxation and fun.

Below are 10 travel-inspired adult coloring books that will take you to faraway places.

1. The Caribbean

Full of gorgeous drawings inspired by the author’s native Trinidad and Tobago, Island Escape showcases tropical sunsets, palm trees, and stretches of sandy Caribbean beaches. The pages are even thick enough for paints, so you can create work fit for display.

Island Escape: My Caribbean Coloring Book , $11.34, Amazon

2. Paris

Cats. Paris. Need I say more? This coloring book explores the City of Light through drawings of adorable whiskered creatures.

Cats in Paris: A Magical Coloring Book , $9.82, Amazon

3. Mexico

Created using hand-drawn line tracings of actual travel photographs, Coloring Mexico is a pretty solid substitute if you can’t make it to Mexico yourself. With 40 illustrations, the book meanders through cathedrals, local markets, Spanish colonial towns, and more.

Travel Between the Lines: Coloring Mexico , $10.99, Amazon

4. The Rainforest

Rainforest Escape welcomes you to the jungle. You’ll be able to take in the beautiful plants and animals, without having to fear any of the potentially dangerous creatures or deal with mosquito bites. Pages can be torn out to show off, including 10 pages of foldout poster images.

Rainforest Escape: My Island Animal, Exotic Flower and Tropical Plant Color Book, $11.88, Amazon

5. Yellowstone National Park

Hit up Yellowstone National Park without having to camp in bear country. The coloring book features the area’s well-known geysers, plus animals like wolves, bison, and trumpeter swans. If you want to share what you’ve done afterward, there is a section of postcards that you can tear out and send after coloring.

Yellowstone National Park, Adult Coloring Book, $7.12, Amazon

6. Africa

Traveling to Africa isn’t cheap, but you can check out unique wildlife, beautiful artwork, and interesting artifacts from the continent in this coloring book. Some designs are extremely intricate if you like a challenge, while others require less concentration.

African Art and Designs: Adult Coloring Book, $7.99, Amazon

7. Korea

Ancient Korean culture is the focus of this coloring book. You’ll find intricate illustrations inspired by the region’s fascinating past.

Traditional Korea , $7.75, Amazon

8. Australia

This Australia-centric coloring book shows off the country’s many unique creatures. The designs range from easy to more challenging, so even those who struggle to stay within the lines will enjoy it.

Australia: Adult Coloring, $8.95, Amazon

9. India

Lovers of Indian art will appreciate these 72 pages of designs. The size is somewhat small so you’ll be able to color on the go. The book is designed to let you use pencils, markers, or watercolors.

Vive Le Color! India (Adult Coloring Book), $8.65, Amazon

10. Cuba

It is getting easier and easier to travel to Cuba these days, but if you can’t make it, you can at least color it. Hello Cuba! features the vintage cars the island is known for, plus dancers, fashion, cigar labels, and more.

Creative Haven Hello Cuba! Coloring Book , $9.99, Amazon

Images: Amazon (10)