A Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Book Is Coming Soon

Break out your gel pens and scented markers, because a Lisa Frank adult coloring book is coming soon. The '90s may be long gone, but we'll never forget the magic of our Lisa Frank trapper keepers, notebooks, folders, pencil bags, and other educational accessories. Now, as adults, we can experience all the thrills of our childhood in a slightly more fun, slightly less organizational way.

Lisa Frank announced the news two weeks ago in an Instagram post and Facebook update. Alongside an illustration from the book, the brand wrote: "Coming soon... Lisa Frank adult coloring!!!" It was added in the comments on Facebook that the book will be available next month at Dollar General. More information about the release will be available on the official Facebook page in the weeks to come, so stay tuned for more information.

Lisa Frank shared just one image from the forthcoming coloring book: a dazzling, vibrantly-colored collage featuring a regal unicorn, a flirty bunny in a tutu, a skeptical puppy, and a very excited bear. They all appear to be standing outside a castle, atop a rainbow. I'll let you fill in the details about these characters' backstories for yourself.

A month may seem like an awful long time to wait for your dose of '90s-inspired coloring perfection, but fear not. I have many suggestions for other ways you can show off your Lisa Frank pride. You can treat yourself to a manicure with Lisa-Frank-inspired nail art, or you can get a permanent reminder of your love with a Lisa Frank tattoo. If you're feeling especially benevolent, you can even whip up a dozen or so Lisa Frank cupcakes to share with your fellow '90s-bred co-workers and friends. Because honestly, who ever gets tired of neon-colored animal prints?

Images: Facebook/Lisa Frank