Kesha Leaves Rehab Feeling "Blessed" & Explains New Music Is in the Works

Ke$ha is back and feeling good. The pop star checked into rehab two months ago in order to seek help for an eating disorder, and it was unclear as to when the "Die Young" singer would return. Now it seems that Ke$ha has completed one part of her recovery process. Ke$ha has left rehab and, according to her, is "feeling healthy" and can't wait to work on new music. And that's awesome.

For what it's worth, I've always admired Ke$ha. For a celebrity who sings songs that are made for dancing to into the wee hours of the night, Ke$ha has avoided becoming a tabloid joke. Despite her crazy appearance (complete with wild hair, clothes, and often gold teeth) she insists that she isn't a "train wreck" — while she likes to go out and have fun, she's clear that it isn't what her whole life is about. Whether or not you enjoy her music, she's written most of her own songs and a ton of other singer's hits, too. (Perhaps you've heard of a little song called "Till The World Ends" by Britney Spears?) And then there's Ke$ha's attitude, which is essentially all about loving yourself and forgetting what the haters say.

Sadly, Ke$ha herself admitted that, despite her message of self-acceptance, she couldn't always practice what she preaches. According to the singer, she went to rehab to learn how to love and accept herself in the same way she has told her fans to. After a two-month period working on her personal issues and her struggle with an eating disorder, we hope that she has finally reached the level of self-acceptance that she wants to.

I'm excited to see what new music Ke$ha comes out with now that she's feeling good about herself, but more importantly, I hope that she continues to be the open, honest, and kickass singer I know and love. Sure, she may be an unconventional role model and she may brush her teeth with a bottle of Jack, but we need more celebrities who take ownership of their issues and encourage fans to love themselves.