The Avengers Are A Team Both On & Off Screen

It probably comes as no surprise to fans that the stars that make up the Avengers have each other's backs both on and off screen, but it might be surprising how quickly that has come to include the newest Spider-Man Tom Holland. In a recent interview with E! News at San Diego Comic-Con, Holland revealed some advice the Avengers actors gave him, thus proving that, yes, the Marvel team is just as close in real life as their characters are in the films. Whether they have officially appeared together in those films yet or not.

"Once I got cast [as Spider-Man] he sent me a really lovely email about just make sure you keep your feet on the ground and you don't let this affect you," Holland shared about Avengers teammate and Heart Of The Sea co-star, Chris Hemsworth. "You keep your family and your friends close and, and that's exactly what I've done." That advice from Thor to Spidey warms my heart, even though Spider-Man and Thor have yet to appear side-by-side in an Avengers film.

However, Thor wasn't the only Avenger to welcome the young, new hero. In fact, before Holland was officially cast in the role, Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) had already given the actor some advice at the film's screen-test.

"As you can imagine I was pretty terrified and he [RDJ] came up to me and said, 'Look, I felt exactly the same as you did when I did my test for Iron Man but just relax'," Holland recalled. "'Let your body take over and, and if it's meant to be it'll happen.'"

These recent stories aren't the only stamps of approval Holland has received from the team. The actor shared even more about his time on-set with the cast in a red carpet interview for Captain America: Civil War. "I was always in such good hands, and working with Robert [Downey Jr.] very closely and Chris [Evans]. I was always in good company. They helped me every step of the way, and really gave me good guidance on what I needed to do to do just justice to the character." Plus, Holland also received a blessing from the Avengers' creator himself, Stan Lee. If only we could all have this kind of welcoming committee.

The MCU is only expanding more — what with the introduction of Black Panther and the recent casting of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel — so this team of heroes is only bound to get even closer both on screen and off. I literally can't wait to soak it all in.

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