How To Name A Pokemon In Pokemon Go

You know, ever since I was a kid, I've really felt the weight of what it must be like to name another human. People are fickle and ever changing, so it scares me in a way — even though I think the whole naming process is pretty cool in and of itself. Thankfully, real, live humans are not the only things we get to name in life. Now that Pokémon Go is here, we can dub those little monsters whatever name we want to without getting scowls from older family members for being unconventional. But, how do you name a Pokémon in Pokemon Go? You know, in order to get out all your naming craziness before forcing a poor kid or unsuspecting pet to be called something trendy and inevitably passé in three-ish years?

Don't worry, the naming process in Pokemon Go is a whole lot easier and lot less legally binding. First things first, make sure you've caught a Pokémon, because it doesn't matter how many names you have up your sleeve if your Pokédex is empty. Once you've actually secured a Pokémon, you're good to go. And, if you're somehow unable to catch more Pokémon but have a wealth of names you want to share, you can change the name whenever you'd like. Names aren't permanent fixtures in this game. But, enough about that, let's get to the goods.

Here is how to name a Pokémon in Pokemon Go:

1. Click On The Pokéball On The Bottom Of The Screen

You can't miss it.

2. Click On The Pokémon Button On The Lower, Left-Hand Side Of The Screen

That little icon that looks like the outline of Pikachu? That's the one.

3. Choose The Pokémon You Want To Name

For instance, I clicked on Bulbasaur.

4. Click The Pencil Icon On The Right Side Of The Pokémon's Given Name

That faint, gray writing tool icon is your key to naming. As with everything else, click on it.

5. Type In Whatever Name Your Heart Desires And Click OK

I didn't want to completely remove his identity so I opted for a cooler name. One the Pokémon at school wont make fun of him for, you know?

6. Your Pokémon Is Now Officially Renamed

In my opinion, "Bulbz" is super melodic. Rolls right off the tongue.

Congratulations, it's a monster.

Images: Pokemon Go/Niantic