We'll Find Out Who Rory Chooses On 'Gilmore Girls'

If you consider yourself Team Rory the way that Amy Sherman-Palladino considers herself Team Rory, then you've probably been hoping that Rory stays single in the Gilmore Girls revival. If you are a 'shipping fangirl the way I'm a 'shipping fangirl, then being reassured that we'll find out who Rory ends up with in Gilmore Girls at the 2016 Television Critics Association press conference was like a dream come true for you. Of course, there might be some cynics out there who want to point out that Rory could "end up with" herself by the end of the four episodes, but to those same cynics I say, "Shut up." And also, "Go away." Because I'm pretty sure that this single quote more or less confirms that Rory is going to choose someone by the finale, and I think we all know who that someone will be. (Jess. It's Jess. She'll choose Jess.)

The assurance came to us from Alexis Bledel herself, who informed us all that, "Well, we're not supposed to disclose where we pick up with her romantic life, but all of her ex-boyfriends make an appearance in these chapters." We all knew that Jess, Dean, and even Logan were all coming back — guys who were all very important to Rory at very different stages of her life — but the fact that Bledel can't disclose what goes on between her and the three makes me think that there is something to disclose. Even more so when we have things like this:

However, she could still end up sequel. After all, Bledel also made a point of mentioning, "There is so much more to her character. It's great when people focus on her accomplishments and goals." Could it be that Rory "ends up" with her career by the end of A Year In The Life, the same way she did at the end of Gilmore Girls? Will she "end up" with her mother (and hopefully her new stepfather, Luke), happy and fulfilled without a man in her life? Will she "end up" driving me absolutely insane by not choosing to get back together with Jess when she sees him again in these important episodes?

OK, so this quote doesn't tell us as much as I would have hoped about Rory's ultimate choice by the end of the series. However, the fact that she will choose something, and that this choice will be satisfying in at least some kind of way, is all that I really need to know right now. I'll hold onto that until November 25, when I can digest these episodes as quickly as possible and hopefully be raising a flag for Team Jess.

Image: Warner Bros. Television