All We Learned About The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

Get your coffee percolating, because the Gilmores are coming home... to Netflix. Yes, after what seems like centuries, but was only about one to nine years, it was announced that Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life will debut November 25 via a fresh new Gilmore Girls trailer. But that's not all: the gang all gathered for the Gilmore Girls TCA Panel this Wednesday, and adding more fuel to our fire. Naturally Lorelai and Rory (Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel) were in attendance, along with series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband and executive producer Daniel Palladino. And it is so great to hear them talk Gilmore.

But, wait, I get the sneaking suspicion that you weren't at the TCA Panel and thusly clicked on this article for tidbits. Luckily, Bustle was there to pass on all the dirty details of the upcoming Gilmore Girls mini-movies. We learned what thing Graham missed most about Gilmore Girls and just exactly how the series is going to be released (much to the chagrin of Sherman-Palladino). So if you can pause from re-watching the Year In The Life trailer for the thousandth time, scroll down and enjoy everything we learned at the Gilmore Girls TCA Panel.

1. It Felt Like No Time Had Passed When They Were Shooting

Graham insisted that the return didn't feel like a rehash at all. "It was easy, joyous, it was fun, it was exhilarating, it was the old show," she said. "It was meant to continue."

2. The Gilmores Were Especially Excited To Return To The Rapidfire Rory-Lorelai Exchanges

"It's my favorite thing to do, it's my favorite part of this show," Graham said, mentioning that she was craving Gilmore speak after dealing with a "different type of language on Parenthood." Bledel was quick to give props to Palladino-Sherman, adding, "It's all on the page. Amy's writing informs you right away, you know how it's supposed to be said. It's all there for you."

3. The Gilmore Girls, Emily Included, Will Be Maturing In This New Installment

Not that they'll become different people entirely, as Graham asserts, "They've grown up, but they're the same." Essentially, they're all Gilmore Women now and the dynamics have slightly shifted with that. "It's two women, chicks, suddenly they can have cocktails together," Sherman-Palladino said. "They can sit and drink and talk about sh*t." Does that mean we'll be seeing Emily and Lorelai hashing things out over martinis, or Lorelai and Rory doing happy hour in lieu of Luke's? We'll see.

4. The Rise Of Netflix Helped Facilitate The Return Of The Gilmores

Well, we kind of knew that; the Gilmore Girls renaissance started as early as when the show hit the streaming service almost two years ago. But Sherman-Palladino reflected on how, although Gilmore Girls was dead in the waters when they left, the website helped encourage the Gilmores out of hiding... metaphorically speaking "There was no Netflix, so when Netflix popped up and decided to take over overnight, we thought, 'what a great opportunity to delve into a different form, using beloved characters that we love, but in a completely different way,'" she said.

5. There Was, However, Plenty Of Resistance To Putting It Out All At Once

To say the least, Sherman-Palladino was not fond of the idea. "I told them I would hang myself with a shower curtain if they put them all out," she said "It was my hope to put them out separately because I am 1000 and I enjoy seeing it, walking away, having some coffee." Unfortunately this couldn't be helped, but Sherman-Palladino relented that the pros outweighed the cons when bringing the Gilmores back in such a way. "So the shower curtain will wait," she quipped.

6. Rory Gilmore Has Inspired A Whole Generation Of Young, Book-Loving Academics

Not that the internet isn't ridden with thousands of personal essays already asserting this fact, but Sherman-Palladino is approached about Rory's influence on young girls. "I hear a lot of 'My daughter wanted to go to Yale because of Rory, read books because of Rory...'" she said.

7. Likewise, Bledel Was Eager To Not Make Rory's Arc All About Her Love Triangles

"There is so much more to her character, it's great when people focus on her accomplishments and goals," Bledel said.

8. But If You Must Know, We're Going To Be Seeing A Lot Of Rory's Exes In Every Installment

Of course, Bledel had to remain mum who Rory ends up with (if anyone), but she did note, "All of her ex boyfriends make an appearance in these chapters." So, wait, do all three of them show up in every chapter? Will one of these episodes feature that baby oil three-way wrestling match I've been vouching for ever since I learned a reboot was in the works? I pray.

9. Edward Herrmann's Death Adds An Extra Layer To This New Gilmore Girls Chapter

"In the wake of losing Ed, which is a great loss for us personally, it was also part of our story we were telling, which is how everyone is recovering," Graham said. "It gave the show depth and an emotional complexity. Here's the show grown up."

10. We're Taking A Road Trip To Those Infamous Last Four Words, And It Would Be Best If You Stay Around For The Entire Trip

In fact, Sherman Palladino insists, "It's a journey leading up to the last four words, it will mean a lot more if you've taken the journey, it will mean a lot less if you flip to the last page." She also added, "I would hope people would want to take the full trip. It's a fun trip. There's peanuts." Oh, girl, please, I'm already strapped in.

11. This Might Be It For The Gilmore Girls... For The Time Being

When asked if there would be future episodes, Sherman-Palladino said, "This is what it is right now." But hey, fingers crossed that A Year In The Life is everything it's cracked up to be... and our collective fan enthusiasm could maybe push the gang to do one more year.

And then many more years after that.

Reporting By Anna Klassen

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