Where To Buy Lorelai Gilmore's Sweatshirt

If you've been following the latest Gilmore Girls news, you know that the first trailer for the new Netflix Gilmore Girls series revamp was released on July 27. It's been nine years since we've seen Rory Gilmore and Lorelai Gilmore's daily adventures on screen, but from the trailer it seems like (almost) nothing has changed. The mother-daughter pair has always seemed more like best friends or sisters, and the dynamic duo is probably going to be just as great as previous seven seasons.

Since it has been nine years, we can expect a revamp in the show's fashion (thank goodness). The trailer starts off mentioning how the seasons change, as the series will be only four episodes within different seasons, so we can also expect some outfit changes as the year goes by.

Of course the series wouldn't be complete without some current cultural references like how in the trailer Lorelai asks Rory, "Do you think Amy Schumer would like me?" It seems Lorelai still has her corny wit and humor, especially when you get a glimpse of her sweatshirt, which is a Rachel Antonoff sweatshirt.

Her sweatshirt reads "I'm with human," which totally reflects Lorelai's slightly confusing brand of humor.

The trailer is probably one of many to tease us until the show's release on Netflix on November 25.

Luckily, you can channel your inner Lorelai with different Rachel Antonoff apparel long before the series starts.

I'm With Human Sweatshirt, $98,

It's simple yet cute, and how comfy does it look?!

And if you're loving the Rachel Antonoff brand like I am, here's a few more options to steal Lorelai's sarcastic style:

1. You Don't Own Me Sweatshirt

You Don't Own Me Sweatshirt, $98,

Go bold with this sassy sweatshirt.

2. Feminist Dog Sweatshirt

Feminist Dog Sweatshirt, $59,

And if your dog needs a new accessory, there's nothing better than this feminist dog sweater.

3. Office Party Sweatshirt

Office Party Sweatshirt, $89,

Every day is a party in the office when you rock this sweatshirt.

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