The One Thing You Missed From The ‘GG’ Trailer

Gilmore Girls fans, listen up. I know you thought you were all done analyzing the teaser released Wednesday (JK, I know we're all never done) I gotta point out: There's one thing that you probably missed from the Gilmore Girls revival trailer. I know what you’re thinking. If you’re anything like me, you’ve watched the trailer at least 15 times by now— so how could you have missed anything in all of those views? Especially since the trailer more like a clip than an actual trailer. With a slowly spinning camera following Rory and Lorelai as they discuss current pop culture references at Lorelai’s kitchen table, there wasn’t much to dissect or miss.

Except for one little thing. I may have never even noticed it myself if not for that one pedagogy class I had to take in grad school, but here it is — the moment you probably missed: When Lorelai admonishes Rory for looking up corpse flower on her smartphone, saying, “This is not a teachable moment.”

That doesn’t seem like much, right? I barely even noticed it until I was 13 viewings deep. But, during view 14, I realized that that saying — “a teachable moment” — is really only something I have ever heard teachers say. Now, granted, these Gilmore girls are smart. We all know the Gilmores have encyclopedic knowledge of just about anything, so saying something a teacher is likely to say shouldn’t stick out that much in viewers’ minds.

EXCEPT! Rumors have been swirling for months that Rory could be teaching at Chilton in the Gilmore Girls revival.

It all started when a picture of Rory standing in front of a classroom was published in Entertainment Weekly. With very teacherly notes on the board behind her, it seemed like Rory was definitely doing something like teaching at Chilton. Of course it could have been a guest appearance — she could be showing up as a guest lecturer just for a day, or something. But, with Lorelai using language that I have ever only heard teachers use, I think there might be more to read into this moment in the trailer than what meets the eye.

Here’s what I think: I think this line is yet another hint in a long series of hints) that Rory is still living in Stars Hollow, and that she is teaching at Chilton in nearby New Haven while she's there.

There. I said it.

We’ll have to wait until November 25 to know for sure, but, for the time being, this trailer is all the hinting I need.

Image: Netflix (2)