5 Reasons Snapchat Isn't Working

You know that feeling you get when something awful happens and it's like the world stops spinning? Like you just got punched in the gut? Like your life is falling apart in front of your very eyes? I'm talking about when Snapchat goes down. If you're looking for possible reasons why Snapchat isn't working, it turns out that there are actually a few. The promising news is that there are some pretty solid explanations for most of them — and sometimes, there's even something you can do about it.

Snapchat is one of those apps that many of us have forgotten how to live without. What did we do before Snapchat? How did we communicate? And perhaps most importantly, if I don't Snapchat the cup of coffee I'm drinking, does it still exist?

As such, when we suddenly lose the ability to Snapchat that cup of coffee, we're often struck with a weird sort of existential dread. I mean, it's inevitable; like all technological marvels, sometimes user have trouble connecting to the social media app, and that's just the way it is. I promise you, though, that should you experience a Snapchat glitch, you shall prevail eventually — or at least it'll all blow over, usually within a couple of hours. So if you're experiencing technical issues with the app and aren't sure how to handle it (try to stay calm, friends), here are the answers I've found for some of the more commonly reported problems. (FYI, Snapchat Support is loaded with good info!)

1. There's A Service Outage

In late July, Snapchat experienced a global service outage, with thousands of reports being filed all over the world. Snapchat acknowledged the problem and got to work on fixing it, and service was restored a short time later. When this happens, you might have difficulty connecting or maintaining a connection. With a service outage, you pretty much have to sit tight. It's an issue on their end, and they need time to solve it.

2. You Need To Install An Update

Installing the latest version of an app isn't just about getting the newer, shinier look; it could also affect the functionality. A few social media apps have given me a hard time more than once, but I discovered each time that it was because I had an update waiting to be installed. If Snapchat is malfunctioning for you, head to your apps store to make sure you have the most current version before you start panicking.

3. You Need To Uninstall And Install

Remember back in the '90s when we used to blow into the bottom of a game cartridge to "fix" it? Or when an electronic device isn't working and the tech person asks the inevitable question: "Did you try turning it off and then turning it on again?" This is kind of like that.

One important thing that Snapchat support points out: If you're using Login Verification, be sure to save your recovery code first.

4. Your Internet Connection Might Be Malfunctioning

Of course, the glitch could also be on your end. The Snapchat support page recommends switching back and forth between mobile data and WiFi to see if the issue is somehow related to your internet connection. If this seems to be the problem, you can check in with your service provide for more help.

5. Your Account Has Been Locked

Although not necessarily a technical issue, this could be another reason you can't properly access your account. The reason for this could be a third-party app or plug-in that you're using — that is, anything that isn't an official Snapchat app, but uses your Snapchat login to access it. (Think apps like Snap Upload, Casper, and Snap Crack.) It's possible that one of these apps was sending spam, unsolicited Snaps, or something else considered an abuse of service. You might also be locked out if you've been adding too many friends but have yet to verify your email or phone number.

Snapchat support suggests waiting a day before trying to log in again. To be on the safe side, you might also want to uninstall any third-party apps you were using. It may sound like a bummer, but keep in mind that continued behavior deemed abusive can lead to your account being permanently locked.

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