Will Chelsea Clinton Ever Run For Office? She's Dropped Some Hints In The Past

Before Hillary Clinton took the stage on Thursday to accept the Democratic presidential nomination, she was introduced by her daughter, Chelsea. The younger Clinton generally keeps a low-profile, and her reintroduction to the public at the DNC no doubt had many wondering: Will Chelsea Clinton ever run for office?

Only Clinton can say for sure, but she’s hinted in the past that she may indeed enter public service someday. It’s a question she’s been asked many times, and while she’s given different answers at different points in time, she’s recently indicated that a run for office is very much in the cards.

“I really like my city councilwoman in New York, I really like my public advocate, I like my mayor, I like my congressman, I like my senators, I love my president,” Clinton said in 2016 in an interview with Access Hollywood. "I think if that were to change, like if I didn't like whomever were to succeed my councilwoman or my public advocate, then I would have to think, you know, could I make a real difference here or is this something that I should do?”

That’s generally been her answer for the last few years, and she’s made similar comments in other interviews. It’s a classic politician non-answer, and the former First Daughter is clearly keeping the door open to a future run.


Her speech at the DNC this year will probably stoke that speculation. It was a well-delivered and dynamic tribute to her mother, with the sort of humanizing anecdotes and stories that were conspicuously missing from just about every speech at the Republican National Convention the week before.

“Whenever my mom was gone for work,” Clinton said, “she left me notes every day with a date on the front of each one. When she went to France to learn about their child care system, one was about the Eiffel Tower, one was about what she wanted to bring back to the kids of Arkansas."

Clinton campaigned with her mother during the 2008 Democratic primary, and also introduced her at that convention. She currently works at the Clinton Foundation, and she also wrote a book, It's Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going!, which is aimed at encouraging middle school-aged kids to get involved in their communities. She and husband Marc Mezvinsky, an investment banker, had their second child in June.