Is Nova From 'Sharknado' Dead? The 'Sharknado 4' Cliffhanger Teases Her Return In A Dark Way

While watching Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens, you might notice that there's a particular character missing on Sunday night. Finn Shepard (Ian Ziering) is back wielding his chainsaw and April (Tara Reid) survived after her brush with death in the last movie. Even Gilbert Shepard (David Hasselhoff) is back in action, but I was wondering what happened to Nova (Cassie Scerbo)? And will Nova return to Sharknado ? Finn seems to see her at the end of the film standing on the Eiffel tower, which crashes down in front of them, which could mean Sharknado 5 could be traveling internationally.

Nova's whereabouts are explained in what seems like a throwaway line in the middle of Sharknado 4: "I bet she's glad to be in Paris right now," Finn's cousin Gemini says when the family raids Nova's weapon collection. What is Nova doing abroad? It's not clear, but she was far away from Sharknados — or so she thought. The character has been with the franchise since the original Sharknado movie premiered in 2013 and she was merely a bartender who worked for Finn. Since then, a love triangle seems to have formed between Finn, Nova, and April, but so far, Finn has understandably chosen April — who is the mother of his children — each time.

But by the end of Sharknado 4, viewers learn that April's miraculous Iron Man-like recovery is only temporary and she doesn't have much time left. If April perishes, could that mean there's a chance for Nova and Finn to get together? Perhaps, but that's only possible if Nova indeed traveled all the way from Paris on a Sharknado and is ready tackle more deadly cyclones with the gang. After all, if you're going to be with Finn Shepard, you need to be able to chainsaw all kinds of Sharknados.

Images: Tyler Golden/Syfy; Giphy