Katy & Orlando At The DNC Is Everything

A lot of history was made at Thursday's 2016 Democratic National Convention, and as it important as it is, there's a pressing matter that needs to be discussed. Obviously, I'm referring to photos of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the DNC. Yes, this is important, so don't try to tell me otherwise. Perry performed her new song "Rise" and her hit "Roar" at the festivities. Between her speech and hitting her performances out of the park, she and Bloom solidified their status as Hollywood's "it" couple.

Ever since they were rumored to be getting cozy at a 2016 Golden Globes after-party, they've been making headlines left and right. I still haven't forgotten about all of their PDA-filled dates and romantic getaways. So, why would they stop being all adorable at the DNC? Well, they didn't and the proof is in the following photos.

The two were captured all over the Philadelphia convention center. From being spotted in the audience together to being photographed backstage to Bloom cheering for Perry while she was on stage, they took their coupling to a whole new level. Also, this just goes to show you that when it comes to important events, they have each other's backs.

With that, prepare yourselves to swoon over Perry, Bloom, and the #RelationshipGoals they brought to life at the DNC.

Here They Are Holding Hands

They just can't keep their hands off of each other.

Here They Are In The Audience

Not the best picture, but I just think they're both really just relaxed and invested in the evening.

Here's Katy Giving Orlando A Thumbs Up

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Well, probably.

Here's Orlando Invested In Katy

Some say "stage mom," while others may just call him a proud boyfriend.

Here They Are In The Crowd

Yes, this is a legit photo, even if it doesn't look like they're really there.

Here They Are Arm In Arm

Again, they can't keep their hands off of one another.

Here Is Orlando, Again, Filming Katy

I just can't get enough. Also, shoutout to Grey's Anatomy star Jason George in front of them.

Now rise up and give these two a round of applause for winning the DNC right along with Clinton.