Krystal Sutherland's 'Our Chemical Hearts' Book Tour Kicks Off In October — See The Dates!

Australian author Krystal Sutherland's debut YA novel, Our Chemical Hearts, scored a movie deal — before it came out. Now, you can catch Krystal Sutherland's Our Chemical Hearts book tour when its U.S. leg kicks off in October. I've got tour dates and a comment from the author below.

Our Chemical Hearts — described as "John Hughes meets John Green" — centers on Henry: a romantic teen who has never fallen in love. When he's chosen to co-edit his school paper with Grace — who walks with a cane, wears too-big clothes, and doesn't shower very often — he doesn't expect to fall for her. But fall Henry does, in Sutherland's bittersweet story about first loves.

In June, Awesomeness Films scooped up the film rights to Our Chemical Hearts . Awesomeness President Matt Kaplan called Sutherland "a breakout young writer, whose voice uniquely captures the emotional journey of falling in love for the first time."

You might think getting a movie deal for your debut novel, before it even hits store shelves would be the most exciting thing ever, but Sutherland seems pretty ecstatic about getting Our Chemical Hearts to a wider readership. She says:

I'm so thrilled (and a little nervous!) to be heading on tour to celebrate the release of Our Chemical Hearts into the wild. The book deal, the tour, the movie — it's all the things you don't even let yourself dream about when you're alone in a dark room writing (what you hope will become) your debut novel. The possibility of seeing my characters come to life on the big screen is kind of overwhelming — I feel like I'm in the Matrix and someone is going to pull the plug and send me back to reality at any second. I can't wait to see what Awesomeness does with the story. I feel incredibly lucky to be here.

The dates for Krystal Sutherland's Our Chemical Hearts book tour are below:

  • NEW YORK: October 5Books of Wonder at 6:00pmAppearing with Swarm author Scott Westerfeld18 W. 18th StreetNew York, NY 10011

Our Chemical Hearts is available for pre-order today from your favorite retailer. Krystal Sutherland's debut novel comes to a bookstore near you on October 4.

Image: Courtesy of Penguin Young Readers