9 Stages Of Buying KyShadow

Kylie Cosmetics restocked the coveted KyShadow palette on Friday, and as expected fans were about that Kylie Jenner eyeshadow life. From those lamenting on Twitter to those praising Jenner on Snapchat, fans were impassioned. As someone who was able to purchase KyShadow, though, the 9 stages of buying KyShadow are not all lip kits and sunshine. Sweaty palms, pounding hearts, the fate of your next warm-toned smoky eye resting in the balance of how fast your fingers can type in your credit card number, it's a lot to handle. Whenever Jenner decides to restock, again, you're going to need to know what to expect.

On Monday, Kylie Jenner took to her social media to announce the first of her #SummerSurprises. Like many had already guessed, the first of Jenner's launches for the warmer weather was a collection of eyeshadows. The KyShadow Bronze Palette is Jenner's first foray into non-lippie cosmetics, and fans were clearly excited considering that on its debut day, the palette sold out in under sixty seconds. As it turns out, the excitement hasn't worn off.

On Friday, the palette restocked to incredible hype. Just like its debut launch, the palette sold out in under two minutes leaving fans either incredibly excited or thoroughly depressed. As for me, I was somehow able to snag that coveted KyShadow Bronze Palette, but it wasn't easy. Sure, the Kylie Cosmetics purchasing process is simple, but when you're competing with Jenner's millions of fans, it's not quite so simple.

These nine stages of buying KyShadow will get you prepped for Jenner's next Kylie Cosmetics restock.

1. Fear

Will you get it? Will it sell out in a minute? Will you ever capture that perfect Kylie Jenner eye look?

2. Anticipation

It's coming. It's nearly here. Must. Refresh. Browser.

3. Pandemonium

It's here. Get in my cart, KyShadow. In my cart, right now.

4. Hesitation

Should I do this? Is it worth it? This is the cost of my groceries for the week.

5. Shock

$8 shipping? Is it still worth it?

6. Anxiety

It's in my cart. I'm checking out. Please don't sell out. Please. Kylie Jenner, help me.

7. Euphoria

"We have received your order..."

8. Disbelief

Did this really just happen? It's mine? It's really mine?

9. Excitement

Sure, getting your Kylie Cosmetics KyShadow Bronze Palette is a whirlwind of emotion, but I'm got a feeling, it's worth it.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Giphy (9)