Luke Finally Spoke Out About The 'Bachelor' Rumors

Good news, Bachelor fans. One of your favorite male contestants from this The Bachelorette Season 12 could very well be the next Bachelor. Of course, after Twitter blew up with calls for Luke Pell to be the next Bachelor, the contestant became the topic of every fan’s conversation. But, will Luke actually be the next Bachelor? If that’s a casting choice that you’re rooting for, then I have some pretty exciting news for you: If Luke had his way, he very well could be.

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter after ABC’s Men Tell All special, the military vet and fan favorite admitted that he believed in finding love in a format like The Bachelor, because it happened to him with JoJo. When asked if he would ever consider being The Bachelor, Luke opened up about his enthusiasm for the role. “I would be excited about it,” the former contestant told The Hollywood Reporter. "I’ve seen firsthand that it worked, going through this whole process with JoJo and I. I was in love with her."

That’s pretty awesome news for fans everywhere who started gunning hard for Luke Pell to be the next Bachelor after he was eliminated on Monday night’s episode. The #LukeForBachelor hashtag went live that night, and very quickly the Twittersphere was hold to hoards of eager fans pleading ABC to bring back their favorite contestant in quite some time.

So, will Luke actually be the next Bachelor? I certainly hope so. On the show's end, it'd be smart to choose a contestant that fans love and are already hoping will eventually find love. We all may have wanted to see him find love with JoJo, but I have a feeling fans would cheer even harder for him as The Bachelor.

Image: ABC; Giphy