What Does Glossier’s Coco Balm & Mist Duo Set Include? It's A Summertime Treat For Your Skin

When it comes to a low-maintenance beauty routine, this brand’s got you covered. Now that they’ve paired two products together to create the perfect combo to beat the heat, you’re going to want to find out exactly what’s in Glossier’s Coco Balm & Mist Duo Set. And I’m here to tell you all about it.

Glossier’s bundled their coconut flavored Balm Dotcom and their Soothing Face Mist together for the discounted price of $25 while summer lasts. Oh yeah, and the shipping’s free, too! If the bargain wasn’t enough to hook you, you’ll definitely want to make this purchase once you find out exactly what this refreshing set can do.

These products can be used throughout the day to give you a feeling of tropical bliss. If you’re all hot and sweaty, then simply spritz yourself with their great-smelling rosewater mist for a pick-me-up. If your lips get dry and chapped, well, there’s the coconut-y balm dotcom for that. Plus, you can use this all-over salve on your cuticles, brows, or even to add a subtle hint of highlight to your cheeks. Basically, what I’m saying is — there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to have these items on you at all times, summer scorch or no (but especially while it's hot out) you know?

These are great to toss in your bag and go.

Add a little sunscreen, and your beach beauty kit's complete.

Trust me, there's no way you won't look and smell amazing with these items in tow.

Coco Balm & Mist Duo, $25, Glossier

The best part of all is that you can shop these items year-round. But, because of this summertime promotion, you're able to save $5 and get free shipping when you purchase these cult favorites. So, get to shopping already, would you?

Your beauty paradise awaits!

Images: glossier/Instagram (1); Courtesy Glossier (1)