Where's Kim Kardashian During The 2016 Teen Choice Awards? Her Absence Is A Real Bummer

One of the great things about any given awards show is watching your favorite celebrities get all dressed up and hang out in one big room together for a couple of hours. However, there is one person noticeably missing from the 2016 Teen Choice Awards: the one and only Kim Kardashian. Where is Kim Kardashian during the Teen Choice Awards and why was she unable to grace us with her presence? Kim K is nominated in multiple categories this year, including Social Media Queen, Choice Instagrammer, and Choice Selfie Taker, so the incentive was definitely there to come, and yet she is nowhere to be found. In fact, her husband Kanye West had also earned a variety of nominations as well, adding to the possibility that the two of them would make a joint appearance. *Sigh* Unfortunately, neither of them attended the awards show.

So if Kim isn't at the Teen Choice Awards, then where the heck is she? From what I can gather on social media, she may just very well being doing the most relatable thing she's ever done: enjoying a relaxing, lazy Sunday. Earlier today, she tweeted that she took the day off from her usual workouts, though, it doesn't appear that was to give herself more time to get glammed up for the TCAs. (That definitely would've deserved a selfie, don't you think?) With that in mind, it stems to reason that she's using this Sunday to give herself a little "me" time, which I think we can all agree is well deserved.

Of course, we shouldn't be all that surprised Kim wasn't able to attend the big event, given how involved she is in a variety of different projects. So it's also possible that she has a jam-packed schedule and simply couldn't fit it into her calendar. Either way, though, I can't deny that her absence was a bit of a bummer. After all, no big celebrity event is the same without one of our favorite Kardashians present. Alas, this time it just was not meant to be. I suppose there's always next year...