'Below Deck Med' Deserves A Second Season

After a finale that made the crew and audience alike ready to collapse from exhaustion, will Below Deck Mediterranean return for Season 2? Even though Bravo should consider this a no-brainer, the network hasn't announced whether the series is renewed just yet. But there really shouldn't be much reason to worry, since Bravo is generally friendly towards spinoffs. And when it comes to the stats, Below Deck Season 3's premiere had a series-high rating of 1.6 million viewers, according to The Futon Critic, while Below Deck Mediterranean 's finale clocked it at .6 million, according to TV By the Numbers. So though the spinoff isn't quite as popular as the original, Below Deck Med got off to a pretty good start and could see its ratings increase in future seasons. I'm confident that we'll see more of this crew, even if Season 2 isn't a sure-thing yet. Update: On Aug. 22, Bravo announced in a press release that Below Deck Mediterranean has been renewed for a second season.

Earlier: For now, the Below Deck Mediterranean cast needs a break after all the work they've been doing and arguments they've been having. And while their show may or may not be picked up for another season, one thing I can tell you for sure is that the original Below Deck is back — or at least, it will be on Sept. 6. Even after an entire season of Mediterranean misadventures, I'm still super excited to see what the original crew will be getting up to when they return for Season 4. From just a few trailers and interviews, it already looks like Below Deck is shaping up to have an amazing next season, so at least we'll be entertained while we wait for news of more Mediterranean. Here's everything you expect when the original Below Deck returns.

Ben Is Pulling Double Duty

Don't worry, there is no chef pretender in Below Deck Season 4. According to Bravo's website, Ben will be back on the original Below Deck this season. Hopefully he'll put that boarding school-educated wit to good use for more quips.

They're Always In Ship Shape

The cast of Below Deck Mediterranean was not used to one another yet, but this crew has started to build a solid working relationship. Plus, it always seems like Kate and Ben deliver amazing charter experiences when they're working together.

Rocky Won't Be Back

She was entertaining, don't get me wrong, and her laundry songs were awesome, but Rocky just didn't quite fit in on this show. She's probably off being a mermaid somewhere, as nature intended.

Eddie Is Also Gone

Now, this is disappointing. But after Season 3, I think Eddie may have some good reasons to want a charter season that's a little less personally and professionally dramatic. In particular, his relationship with Rocky was not great, and in the wake of that eventful season, he's deleted his social media accounts as well. Sad for TV fans, but hopefully good for him as a person.

There Will Be New Cast Members

I know I just praised the show for having such a well-oiled machine, but even though this cast usually tends to work together pretty well, that doesn't mean there aren't conflicts when the guests aren't around. Actually, last season's various romantic entanglements were so awkward they were almost hard to watch (key word: almost). Adding new faces to the show will work out great, so long as they don't incur the wrath of the captain.

Captain Lee!

Captain Mark from Below Deck Med seemed like a nice guy, but Captain Lee just has a better way with plane tickets than his European counterpart. Seeing the saltiest sea captain wind up loving his crew by the end of the season is a huge part of what makes Below Deck so great, and I can't wait to watch him inevitably come around to the new cast members.

All of this shows that Below Deck Season 4 is bound to be great, I just hope that by the time it ends, we'll have some good news about Below Deck Mediterranean.

Images: Tommy Garcia, Virginia Sherwood/Bravo; Giphy (4)