The Most '90s Outfit At 2016 Comic Con

It's no secret that the '90s are alive and well in 2016 — just look at your choker collection and grunge cami dresses if you need proof. But Cara Delevingne at 2016 Comic Con took things to a whole other level. While most of us might think that we're so Kurt Cobain in our plaid shirts and thrifted engineer boots, Cara D. took the throwback decade in another direction and won "the most '90s outfit at Comic Con" award as a result. How, you ask? She channeled the one and only Baby Spice.

Prepare for an inevitable freak-out, because this outfit deserves it. If you were part of the '90s "girl power" fan-craze like I was, then you too probably owned your fair share of Spice Girls pencil cases, binders, and more calendars than you knew what to do with. But my only gripe with growing up with the girl group was that I was too young to pull off their crazy hairstyles, bold makeup looks, and intense costumes. Delevingne, however, proved that it's never too late.

According to Teen Vogue, Delevingne's "line up of outfits have been a mix of movie star glamour and comic inspiration that only make sense for a gorgeous model playing a terrifyingly grungy villain." Specifically, she rocked a jumper with a "long-sleeve fishnet accent that adds a certain punkiness to an otherwise totally chic look." While Baby Spice wasn't necessarily known for her punk edge, the hair is where Delevingne channeled Emma Bunton to a T.

Delevingne's newly cropped 'do was thrown up into twin side buns, with wisps of locks that came down from the front and framed her face, making her blonde mane look identical to our towheaded Spice Girl.

MTV reported, "Though Cara recently chopped off a bunch of hair, what remains is long enough to fit into two buns atop her head. Even better, the pieces that are too short just fall loosely around her face, as is essential in recreating pretty much any look from the ’90s." We did like our random, loose tresses back then.

But don't take my word for it: Judge for yourself. In case you don't remember how iconic Bunton's buns were, here she is on the back cover of Spice Up Your Life, looking as sassy as ever.

And here she has a messier version of the tight buns, where she created a hybrid of sorts with her go-to pigtails.

While Delevingne might have gone more modern with her outfit, she definitely has the blonde hairstyle down pat.

Images: caradelevingne/Instagram (1); Rolling Stone (1); Virgin Records (1)