All The Times Helga From 'Hey Arnold' Was You

As any kid who grew up in the '90s knows, Hey Arnold is easily one of the best Nickelodeon cartoons of all time. It sounds like a Kanye West level declaration, but trust me, the show about Arnold and his friends was the coolest during elementary school. The characters were funny and the plots were relatable. But the best part of the series? Helga Pataki. This girl would make Regina George look like a saint. Despite her mean streak, I'd go as far as to say we all have a little Helga inside of us.

Nope, you don't have to go around punching Brainy to channel your inner Helga. Instead, you just have to be outspoken, confident, and hopelessly romantic. Considering she molded an entire shrine of Arnold using chewing gum, she's definitely creative and dedicated. (I'll leave out how creepy it seems in retrospect...) Of course, she didn't take other people's nonsense. Yet she also tried her best to please her parents and be a good friend to Phoebe — when she wasn't bossing her around, that is. Despite her tough exterior, she totally cared about others deep down.

Here's a round-up of all the times Helga Pataki was relatable. Because who didn't see a little bit of themselves in the girl with the unibrow and big pink bow?

1. When She Took Her Halloween Costume Seriously

That alien ensemble was crazy-good. As a kid, everybody put extra effort into having the best costume around.

2. She Daydreamed About The Future

Obviously Arnold was at the center of all of her daydreams. But feel free to sub in whoever fits the description.

3. And Having Her Own Office & Personal Secretary

Sure, she daydreamed about romance, but career goals were thrown in there too.

4. She Tried Conforming To Society's Beauty Standards...

Red lips, big hair, and bold lashes. If that's your thing, great! But Helga was definitely forcing it to fit the expectations of what she saw in a magazine.

5. Only To Realize She Should Be True To Herself

Who didn't over pluck their eyebrows in high school to try to conform to the trends?

6. She Had An Unrequited Crush

Whether your favorite celebrity or middle-school crush, there's that one person who will always have your heart.

7. She Let Her Anger Get The Best Of Her

This happened to all of us at least once. Nobody's perfect, right?

8. She Knew How To Win People Over

A smile, a curtsey, a bat of the eyelashes — whatever it takes. She knew how to play nice when need be.

9. She Handled Boredom Super Productively

Heavy sarcasm on that one. Usually crashing in front of the TV is the go-to boredom solution.

10. She Prioritized Sleeping Above All Else

Same, girl. Same.

11. She Had The Perfect Snarky Remark

*Mic drop.* Sometimes you just have the best possible comeback.

12. She Had Her Clumsy Moments

OK, so maybe you haven't fallen in the mud like Helga. But something tells me you've spilled food on your face or tripped or done something embarrassing in public.

13. She Tried To Work Out & Was Not Amused

The original McKayla Maroney right here. Not impressed.

See? She's just like you and me. Now get out there and be the Helga Pataki you wish to see in the world.

Images: Nickelodeon (4), Giphy (10)