How Can You Vote For America's Care Package On 'BB18'? Get Involved ASAP

One of the best parts about the Big Brother 18 game are the twists. To date, there have been so many, it's hard to keep up. After the initial confusion that comes with wrapping your head around the many change-ups, I think we can all agree that the twists are easily the most fun aspect of the show. Watching the unveiling of a new twist, along with the excitement and confusion that passes over every houseguest's face, makes Big Brother 18 all the more magical. Right? Well, that's exactly how I felt when Big Brother 's "America's Care Package" twist was announced. Intriguingly, this twist doesn't feel as threatening as, say, the Road Kill twist. That one was the definition of "paranoia-inducing." But now that the houseguests are grappling with a new twist, how can we, the viewers, get involved?

Luckily, America's Care Package relies on viewer participation. After weeks of contemplating which houseguest you like best, who is or is not playing the Big Brother game the way you would, or even wondering whether someone in the Big Brother 18 house deserves a reward, it's your turn to call the shots. Head over to CBS' website and you can vote for America's Care Package here. Make sure you have an account on the CBS website set up and ready to go to help make the voting process easier. I just voted and boy, it feels good to have this kind of power.

So, what are the prizes that await the future America's Care Package recipients? There are four left to dole out to the Big Brother 18 houseguests. Heres's a quick reminder of what's at stake:

  • Week 2 – Eliminate Two Eviction Votes: Voting Begins 7/31. Power to prevent two HGs of his/her choosing from voting in this week’s eviction.
  • Week 3 – Super Safety: Voting Begins 8/7. Holder is safe for the week, but must wear a “Super Safety” costume all week.
  • Week 4 – Co-HoH: Voting Begins 8/14. Winner shares all HoH perks and picks one of the two nominees.
  • Week 5 – BB Bribe: Voting Begins 8/21. Recipient gets $5K to influence one HG to do one thing. No splitting it up.

Nicole has already won the first of five "America's Care Packages," which granted her safety from ever being a Have-Not, but who will be next to win the increasingly game-changing prizes? It's your time to decide.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; Giphy