Teams & BB Roadkill Are Over On 'Big Brother 18,' So It Could Spell Trouble For Frank

Now that five houseguests have already been evicted from the Big Brother house, it's time to say goodbye to old twists and hello to some new ones. After Tiffany was evicted on BB18 Thursday night, Julie Chen announced that it was time to switch things up in the competition. Starting now, the Big Brother teams are no longer together — so BB18, say goodbye to Team Unicorn, Team Big Sister, Team Category 4, and Team Freakazoids. So, now that the teams are over on Big Brother , what does that mean for the houseguests going forward?

The end of the Big Brother teams could shake up the house in a big way, and it's unclear how it could effect the alliances already built in the house, many of which were influenced by the teams. Immediately, the end of teams on BB18 means two things. One: The end of the BB Roadkill Competition. No more Roadkill Comp also means that there will only be two nominees on the block going forward — no secret third nomination. Two: No one will be off limits for eviction: While the teams were in tact, the HoH's team members were safe from eviction, but no more. Now the Head of Household can nominate whoever they want for eviction, former team members included.


The practical consequences of ending the Big Brother teams are pretty simple, but how will the end of teams affect the relationships within the house? It could, theoretically, make Frank a prime target. No longer able to hide behind Paulie, Frank will exponentially more vulnerable to being put on the block going forward. The end of teams could also put Da'Vonne in an even more precarious position, and who knows how it will affect less aggressive players like Bridgette and Michelle.

The teams and Roadkill may be over, but the Battle Back Competition is yet to come. And, as Julie teased at the end of the episode, there were still "secrets" to be revealed.

Images: Bill Inoshita/CBS; Giphy