21 Tasty Olympic Party Recipes

If you are stressed about the back-to-school season, don’t fret just yet. The summer 2016 Olympics officially kick off in just a few days, giving us a reason to brainstorm Olympics party recipes for one last fête. And while the opening ceremony takes place on Friday, Aug. 5, you have until Sunday, Aug. 21 to get the festivities going. Talk about an extended party.

When throwing a summer Olympics celebration, you have several options. Schedule it for the day of the opening ceremony, or during your absolute favorite sport. If you and your friends are hardcore fans of a particular athlete, plan the party for the day he or she is playing. Alternatively, you can get festive during the closing ceremony on Aug. 21. Your party, your rules.

This curated list of recipes is particularly unique. Because the summer 2016 Olympics are taking place in Brazil, the list features delicious staple Brazilian dishes. It also includes red, white, and blue recipes for those who feel like getting patriotic. Lastly, there are the general Olympics-themed party food ideas. I am talking about everything from vibrant Olympic ring doughnuts to soccer cake balls. Who knew having a sweet tooth could be so sporty?

1. Acai, Pomegranate, and Raspberry Smoothie

When it comes to Brazilian fruits, acai is a must-have. And thanks to Foodie Crush, you can enjoy it in a summery smoothie while the weather is still warm. It's the perfect energy-boosting superfood that will keep you pumped up for the big games.

2. Brazilian Lemonade

In celebration of the summer Olympics, consider swapping out your average lemonade for a refreshing Brazilian version by Mel's Kitchen Cafe. This lime alternative uses a blender and is best made right before serving. There's even condensed milk involved. Drink up!

3. Red, White, and Blue(berry) Milkshakes

Rep the U.S. with a vanilla and strawberry milkshake topped off with homemade blueberry whipped cream. It's another super fun way to cool down as you root for your favorite athletes. Head to A Beautiful Mess for the low-down.

4. Passion Fruit Summer Drink

For another summer beverage inspired by Brazil's tropical fruits, try a passion fruit summer drink by Green Kitchen Stories. This concoction combines mint, orange, ginger, and passion fruit for a serious burst of flavor.

5. Olympic Rings Fruit Platter

Often, the best ideas are the simplest. For a quick and easy way to honor the Olympics, try out this fruit ring platter by The Kitchn. It requires exactly zero fancy cooking skills and little to no prep time. Extra points for all those vitamins, too.

6. Tomato and Hearts of Palm Salad

Feed your guests a Brazilian staple with this tomato and hearts of palm salad recipe by Foodie Crush. Complete with a deliciously simple vinaigrette and a 10-minute prep time, you can make this dish at the last minute.

7. Pepperoni, Pineapple, and Hatch Chili Pizza

Homemade pizzas are some of the most shareable party foods out there. Add a tropical spin to your standard pie with Joy the Baker's pepperoni, pineapple, and hatch chili pizza recipe. To speed things up, by a pre-made crust and have at it.

8. Moqueca

If you're up to the challenge, try your hand at making an authentic Brazilian seafood stew called moqueca. I mean, there is coconut milk involved. It has to be amazing. Visit Five and Spice to learn how to make it.

9. Pão de Queijo

If there is only one Brazilian recipe that you decide to try, make it this. These mini cheesy rolls of bread are a foodie's dream come true. It also doesn't hurt that they can double as an appetizer and a side dish. Check it out at The Kitchn.

10. Red, White, and Blue Potato Salad

A party isn't a party without a tasty potato salad. This Olympic season, try this recipe by Baked by Rachel. It brings together red, white, and blue potato for a patriotic staple. So clever.

11. Guava-Filled Shortbread Cookies

Like acai and passion fruit, guava is a favorite in Brazil. Take a tip from Adventures in Cooking and use guava paste to make a sweet treat for your guests. Serve them during the game or wrap them up as fancy party favors.

12. Soccer Carrot Cake Balls

Give cake balls a sporty spin with Miss Candiquik's adorable soccer cake ball idea. The best part is that you can use boxed cake mix and store-bought cream cheese frosting to whip these babies up.

13. Olympic Doughnut Rings

Thanks to the traditional shape of doughnuts, you can easily dress them up to look like the iconic Olympic rings. It's a pretty awesome way to (finally) put plain ol' doughnuts to good use. Thanks for the idea, Whatever Dee Dee Wants.

14. Brigadeiros

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the ultimate Brazilian treat: brigadeiros. These luxurious chocolate truffles feature condensed milk, butter, and the greatest blessings from the chocolate gods. For a more Olympic-themed version than Half Baked Harvest's recipe, use sprinkles in red, blue, yellow, green, and black.

15. Olympic Torch Cake Pops

How stinkin' cute are these? In this post, Miss Candiquik demonstrates how to mix boxed cake mix, frosting, waffle cones, and fruit-flavored rolls to create mini edible torches. I love it.

16. Passion Fruit Coconut Macaroons

Looking for another fancy shmancy dessert? Try Green Kitchen Stories' vegan passion fruit coconut macaroons. This recipe uses two of Brazil's popular fruits combined with luscious coconut milk and raw honey.

17. Summer Acai Bowl

In the midst of all the Olympic-themed sweets, you might be looking for healthier options. Luckily, that's where Half Baked Harvest comes to the rescue with a tropical summer acai bowl recipe. To make this idea more party-friendly, serve in ramekins or freeze into ice pops.

18. Patriotic Jell-O Shots

Make a toast to your favorite American athletes with patriotic shots from eHow. If you want to make a non-alcoholic version, simply omit the vodka. Edible silver stars are totally encouraged.

19. Patriotic Popcorn

Give your guests a snack to munch on with a big bowl of patriotic popcorn from Dessert Now, Dinner Later. Alternatively, you can use different shades of food coloring to make a batch in your favorite team's colors.

20. Snow Cone Cupcakes

Snow cones might be a hot weather treat... but it's still summer, after all. Make these charming "snow cone" cupcakes by A Beautiful Mess for another red, white, and blue dessert.

21. Olympic-Style Caramel Pretzel Cheesecake Brownies

Pretzel... cheesecake... brownies? This is not a drill, people. Inside Bru Crew Life brings together three cult favorites in a beautifully mouthwatering concoction. I'm adoring those colorful pretzel Olympic rings, too.

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