'The Simpsons' Hopes Trump Won't Answer

If the possibly of impending doom brought on by the 2016 election has been keeping you up at night, know that you're not alone. Homer and Marge Simpson have also been tossing and turning over the presidential race. The Simpsons is known for skewering the world's top politicians, and now, the show is taking aim at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (though Trump, self-made comedic gold mine that he is, takes the brunt of its parodying). In a brand-new short episode, the Simpsons are treated to the now-classic "3 a.m. call," an ad which asks voters "Who do you want to answer that call?" when the phone rings during the early-morning hours at the White House.

The original political ad was made famous during the 2008 presidential election, when Clinton — tasked with protecting America's trove of sleeping children — asserted that she was the best candidate to answer a telephone call to the White House at 3 a.m. Clinton appears in The Simpsons' ad, too, but only briefly. As an "emergency" phone rings next to their bed, an overly enthusiastic Bill Clinton answers, telling the caller that he'll be down to the situation room immediately. But he soon dejectedly hands the phone over to Hillary, informing his wife, "Oh, it's for you...."

"Yes," Hillary answers, "from now on, it's always for me."

This part of The Simpsons' ad prods at the political jockeying some are expecting of the husband and wife should the Democratic nominee win the election.

But then the ad moves on to the far scarier (and hilarious) possibility of Trump answering that 3 a.m. call.

Trump is seen tweeting from atop a luxurious bed, with "Great Speeches by A. Hitler" at his side. As the phone rings, he grumbles "Not now, I'm on Twitter..." Ignoring the call, he finishes his favorite form of political discourse: "And Elizabeth Warren tweets too damn much. Glad I exiled her."

He then rattles off a list of his wants: "Put my name on the Lincoln Memorial, make Chris Christie eat a worm just for laughs, disband NATO, and make me some scrambled eggs in a gold plate." (Over the top, of course, but when you really think about it, perhaps not too far off from what a Trump presidency might actually request.)

Cartoon Trump finally answers the call, but before heading to the situation room, he has a team of stylists prepare him in a totally reasonable, presidential fashion: with makeup, lip injections, a spray tan, and fake hands. Hours later, the stylists place a dog on top of his head (which explains his weird hairdo), and finally, President Trump is ready to go.

But an adviser calls again. "We're too late? The Chinese fleet is advancing?" Trump replies, "Just build another wall. Yes, in the ocean, loser." The ad ends with the message: "Paid for by Americans who are really starting to miss Obama."

Homer then concludes, "And that's how I became a Democrat." Perhaps some Simpsons viewers will join him.

Image: Fox Broadcasting Company