JoJo's Brothers & Jordan May Clash On 'Bach'

After months and months of watching JoJo continue her journey to find love, The Bachelorette Season 12 finale will finally give fans the answer they've been searching for since Day 1: who will JoJo choose? But until that time, there's still plenty for us to think about regarding how this will all play out in Monday night's final episode. In the promo for the finale, we see JoJo talking to her family, who all seem concerned about whether or not she can trust these guys to not break her heart, particularly when it comes to Jordan. His motives for being on the show have been questioned from the very beginning and seems to have left a bad taste in their mouth. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that JoJo's brothers, Been and Martin Patton, don't seem to like Jordan and are concerned he will end up breaking their sister's heart.

Obviously, as her brothers, they're bound to be a little skeptical about this whole dating competition process, considering how her heart was broken by Ben Higgins not too long ago. So it makes sense that they're worried it could end up happening again, which leads to them delivering some hard truths to JoJo about her future. She's reminded that she's not just picking a New Year's Eve date — this is someone she should want to spend the rest of her life with and trust completely. Can she really say that about Jordan?

Whether you're a Jordan or Robby supporter at this point, you can't deny that when it comes to reassurance, Jordan tends to always fall a little short. JoJo is constantly giving him chances to describe their future together and he can never give a straight answer. In fact, when the question came up of where he sees himself in six months to a year, Jordan revealed that he has no clue and that everything in his life is pretty much up in the air, which is totally OK with him. That's not exactly a great picture to paint for someone who's looking to settle down. I'm sure that JoJo's brothers have been following their sister's journey and will have some concerns about what Jordan's intentions are.

The clip only shows Jordan having some brief interactions with JoJo's family, but none of it seems to be going well. Even her mom is skeptical that he could end up breaking her heart, which Jordan doesn't seem to have a good response for. Granted, these promos are meant to be misleading and tease drama when, in fact, maybe there is none. But given the clear stress that JoJo is under going into making her final decision, I'd say that her parents and brothers will make some valid points and force her to perhaps see Jordan in a different light.

Do her brothers hate Jordan? Probably not, given that they don't really know him very well. But as far as first impressions go, I don't think he comes across as very trustworthy to them. They only have JoJo's best interests at heart and if they don't think Jordan will make her happy in the long run, I have no doubt that they'll voice their concerns... even if it's not what JoJo wants to hear.

Images: Matt Klitscher/ABC; Giphy