Is Jordan Rodgers Single After 'The Bachelorette'? His Social Media Could Offer Some Clues

Chris Harrison's arsenal of roses is nearly depleted for the season and it's almost time for Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher to make her final selection. Last Monday's episode culled the group down to finalists Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers. This Monday will feature more dramatic act breaks and melodramatic music than the average Bachelorette episode as one of these guys gets the last cut. Jordan has been a clear favorite of JoJo's since that mansion was filled with guys seeking her hand. And cheers to her, because JoJo has seen no harm in letting Jordan know that she's into him. Stranger upsets have happened on this Bachelorette franchise, so I'm not counting JoJo and Jordan as a done deal just yet. Maybe Jordan's social media can offer some clues about his status. Is Jordan single after The Bachelorette ?

I am sure that neither Jordan or any of his castmates would knowingly spoil the end of the show, both because it's in their best interest if people continue to watch and because they know ABC would sue the pants off of them if they did. (Enough pants are lost in any given season of this show.) Even Bachelorette villain Chad Johnson hasn't broken his contract and let the cat out of the bag. Still, it's worth it to look...just in case Jordan accidentally dropped some unconscious hints.

Recently, Jordan posted a selfie with a childhood friend at the 2016 Crossfit Games. The Bachelorette finalist was the victim of a delayed flight (the stars: they're just like us!) and decided to make a weekend pit stop to take in the competition and catch up with some buddies. This is the kind of snap decision that I associate more with single people. When your plans are only your own and you're not inconveniencing someone else, it's easier to be spontaneous. Of course, this is no proof that Jordan and JoJo aren't currently engaged. Just that he was free to make that call.

Unfortunately for snoops like me, Jordan is keeping the outcome of this Bachelorette season in super-high ranking clearance status, where it belongs. His tweets are a mish-mash of football talk, shout-outs to friends like the band NEEDTOBREATHE, and a very valid complaint about being served a burger minus the delicious bun. Crossfit fail. Carbs are not the enemy!

Maybe Jordan's relatively minimal tweeting and Instagramming is a hint in and of itself. Maybe he's too immersed in the golden haze of a new engagement that he's not in on social media very often. This is rampant speculation on my part, but until the finale comes around, rampant speculation is all I have. Especially since the discord within Jordan's family came to light during this season, I'd really like to see him in a fulfilling, supportive relationship. Will he find that with JoJo or will Jordan Rodgers be moving on? He may have already, but his social media isn't letting us in on the secret.

Image: Carl Costas/ABC