The Next ‘Bachelor’ Won’t Be Announced Soon

by Lindsey Kupfer

The Bachelorette is coming to an end on Monday night, and the one thing fans are all dying to know is: Who will be the next Bachelor ? Many people are wondering if Chris Harrison will announce the big news during After The Final Rose , but I have a strong feeling we’re going to have to wait about a month before we get final confirmation. Until then we all get to play the Luke or Chase (or maybe James Taylor?) guessing game. The Bachelor filming usually begins at the end of September, so the show doesn't have to reveal right away who our next man is. Plus, knowing the producers, they’re going to make us wait.

Even though they’ve announced the next Bachelor at ATFR before, they haven’t done it since Juan Pablo. After that, Chris Soules confirmed he was the Bachelor at the end of August on Good Morning America. Ben Higgins also confirmed the news later in the month of August. If they follow the same pattern as they have for two years, you will just have to wait a few more weeks.

Until then, let’s speculate over who’s going to be the next leading man in 2017.

Luke Pell

At this point Luke is the frontrunner. Former Bachelorette contestant Michael Garofola once pointed out to me that you have to listen to the way Chris Harrison words questions during the Men/Woman Tell All. If you noticed, Chris led the questions in a positive way asking, “Are you able to think about moving on? Are you able to think about love?” Luke then responded that he was ready to find the one. Be more obvious about it, Chris.

Chase McNary

Meanwhile, Chase is the other frontrunner for the lead, but Chris Harrison’s questions toward him at the Men Tell All made it seem like Chase was probably still heartbroken from what went down on The Bachelorette. It makes me think he may not get the gig. Not to mention to have another regular, attractive guy from Colorado is a bit too similar to Ben.

Derek Peth

I personally think Derek Peth is a dark horse in the race. He went home earlier than the next Bachelor normally would, but he’s so cute! He looks like Jim Halpert. Every woman in America wants to date a John Krasinski look-alike. His season would be great.

James Taylor

James Taylor is another adorable guy that didn’t get a fair shot. He sings, he stuffs fries in his mouth, and he’s hilarious. Who wouldn’t want to date him? At least he would potentially be more interesting than Chase and Luke.

Wells Adams

I’ve said this about a thousand times at this point, but let me say it again: Wells was the best guy on the season. He’s got an awesome job, he loves dogs, he’s freaking adorable, and he’s quite literally perfect. Going on Bachelor in Paradise will likely be the thing that stops him from becoming the next Bachelor, which is super unfortunate for all the ladies out there.

Robby Hayes

It seems pretty obvious at this point that Jordan Rodgers will be engaged to JoJo Fletcher and, after what happened with JoJo and Ben, we can’t rule out the runner-up on becoming the next Bachelor. However, it seems Robby has a lot of ex drama going on at home. That might seriously hinder his chances at The Bachelor.

Alex Woytkiw

People loved Alex and people hated Alex. Of the guys from the last season, it seems he might not have enough fans to push him into the hot seat. Maybe I’m wrong, but he may have stirred the pot a little too much on this past season. But, hey, it sure would be a dramatic season!

Images: Byron Cohen (2), Michael LeGrand, Veronica Gambini (2), Adam Larkey, Rick Rowell (2)/ABC