Carly Has Been Keeping Busy Since 'BiP' Season 2

Now that JoJo's season of The Bachelorette has come to an end, it's time to turn our attention toward my personal favorite series in ABC's Bachelor franchise: Bachelor in Paradise. Yes, it's that time of year when all our Bachelor and Bachelorette faves get together on a beach and hopefully find love — or at least some drama. One of my faves heading to paradise in the Bachelor spinoff's third season is Carly Waddell, who was also on Season 2. So, what's Carly been up to since Bachelor in Paradise Season 2? Well, quite a bit actually.

First off, let's recap Carly's time on ABC's reality dating franchise (although, this particular story doesn't have a happy ending — yet). She was first introduced on Season 19 of The Bachelor and built a relationship with the star of the season, Chris Soules, though she was eliminated prior to hometown dates. Then, while Carly was on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, she found a connection with Kirk DeWindt (who was on Ali Fedotowsky's season of The Bachelorette ) but the couple split toward the end of their time in paradise. Since then, Carly was reportedly involved with a fellow Nashville musician according to Us Weekly, though they ended their relationship earlier this year.

Still, Carly has plenty else going on in her life aside from romantic relationships! Here are some of the fun things she's been up to since Bachelor in Paradise Season 2.

Spending Time With Family

What's some down time without some of it spent with family? I think Carly would agree it would be lacking, but don't worry, she got in some family time!

Hanging with Bachelor Nation Fam

There's more than one kind of family, and Carly has also spent time with her friends from ABC's reality dating franchise, including fellow Bachelor Season 19 and Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 alum Juelia Kinney.

Making Music

The Nashville singer-songwriter has used some of her time in the past year to write music, specifically the song she penned for Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert as a wedding gift when they tied the knot earlier this year. The song, "So I Do," is available on iTunes if fans want to check it out!

Attending Jade & Tanner's Wedding

Since Carly and Jade are besties — Carly did write that super sweet song — it makes sense that she was in attendance for the wedding.

Blogging About Heartbreak

Considering how at least two of Carly's most recent relationships were in the public eye thanks to them taking place on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, she's uniquely qualified to talk about dealing with heartbreak. So, she did just that in a blog post from earlier this year that is a necessary read for anyone struggling with their own heartbreak.

Playing "Pokemon Go"

OK, I can't confirm how much "Pokemon Go" Carly has been playing, but her recent tweet seems to indicate she's at least faced down a Pidgey. Since I am annoyingly obsessed with "Pokemon Go" (and I'm sure many others are as well), it doesn't surprise me that Carly has also succumbed to the immensely popular mobile game.

So, Carly has been busy over the past year since her last Bachelor in Paradise appearance and I'm looking forward to seeing her return on the ABC series. I just hope that this time her story has a happy ending!

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC