Does Corey On 'BB18' Want Kids?

This could be it, Big Brother fans, the lynchpin in the showmance that is Nicole and Corey. And, no, I’m not talking about the fights they’ve been having in the house lately. Instead I’m talking about the fact that they might have very different goals for the future beyond the Big Brother house. Because when Nicole mentioned that she and Hayden broke up because he didn't want to get married or have kids, my immediate next thought was, so does Corey want to get married and have kids? If that was the deal breaker that smashed apart one of Big Brother 16’s most adorable showmances, then what will happen to Nicole and Corey if Corey doesn’t want the same?

I mean, honestly, they’d likely suffer the same fate. There isn’t much a couple can do with completely different life goals. That’s sort of a recipe for disaster if you ask me. So is it possible that Corey and Nicole will suffer the same fate as Hayden and Nicole?

It’s definitely possible. Corey is only 25, after all, and his Instagram page is full of pictures with him at parties . But that doesn’t mean that he only has partying on his mind. Remember on Sunday night’s episode, when he spent a good five minutes going ga-ga for his dog? It was an odd segment, for sure, but one that really showed what a softy Corey can be.

And it isn’t only his dog that he has a soft spot for. Corey is also a youth baseball league coach. That kind of dedication to kids and their futures seems like great practice for fatherhood to me. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants kids for himself.

Good thing, then, that Corey opened up about the fact that he wants kids (four of them) in the Big Brother house. At the beginning of his stay, Corey reportedly said that he wanted to have four kids at some point in his life. I’m not sure that he wants to be having them anytime soon, but the fact that he wants to have kids is already a leg up on Hayden, who, according to Nicole isn’t interested.

We’ll have to wait and see what comes of this showmance’s future, but, at least for now, it doesn’t seem like this is going to be the thing that breaks them apart.

Image: CBS