The Trailer For Ben & Lauren's Show Is Here

Pack your bags, Bachelor Nation, because two The Bachelor Season 20 stars are headed to Freeform this October. On Monday, the Twitter account for Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell’s upcoming reality series shared a trailer for Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?, and—spoiler alert!—it looks like the charming pair is still very charming. In addition to revisiting some scenes from their season of The Bachelor, the promo shows Higgins giving fiancé Bushnell a piggyback ride through a bucolic field, Bushnell holding an upsettingly cute puppy, and Higgins and Bushnell saying "I love you." Aaaaand that’s about it.

The most exhilarating part of the clip? That would have to be the question mark at the end of the series’ title. (The suspense! The mystery! What's going to happen?!?! What does that question mark meeeean?) Other than that, it's a pretty mellow preview of what's to come. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that the couple seems happy together and I would never root against their joy or their love or their journey, but are we really going to watch two incredibly nice, incredibly attractive, and incredibly drama-free people plan their nuptials? I mean, OK!

You know what? If this show is as sweet as it seems, it will be a fun change of pace for me; I typically take my reality television with a heaping dose of conflict. It's good to mix things up every now and again.

I will say this much: What the video lacks in drama it makes up for in sassy neckerchiefs.