Taylor Swift & Justin Bieber Have A Lot Of History

by Nicole Pomarico

As a diehard Taylor Swift fan, nothing is worse than the current era of hate that was ushered in by Kim Kardashian exposing her on Snapchat a couple of weeks ago. Of course, I love the drama, but can't everyone leave my imaginary BFF alone? And now, somebody else has jumped on the #TeamKimye bandwagon. On Tuesday, Justin Bieber dissed Swift on Instagram, completely out of the blue, which would insinuate he's taking Kanye West's side on this one. Especially after this, it might seem like the only thing these two have in common is Selena Gomez, but Swift and Bieber actually used to be friends, and there's a long history between them that is best explained via my favorite medium, GIFs.

The story of Swift and Bieber's friendship actually begins a long time ago, when Swift was still sporting curly hair and cowboy boots and Bieber was but a tot, still pushing his first album and infecting the world with Bieber Fever one hair flip at a time. Back then, he and Swift were allies, so what happened between then and now that totally killed their friendly relationship? A lot. Apparently, now they're enemies, but it wasn't always this way. And honestly? I miss the days when they were pals.

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Maybe there's hope that one day, Bieber and Swift will bury the hatchet and become friends again. OK, so that's probably never going to happen, but I can dream.

When Bieber Opened For Swift On Tour

And while he was performing, he broke his foot and kept singing anyway , which is why Swift is clapping for him in this GIF. What adorable friends they made! And it was really cool of Swift to take this new artist under her wing, despite the fact that this was her first headlining tour in 2009.

When They Performed Together On The "Speak Now" Tour

When Swift started asking celeb guests to make surprise appearances during her concerts, Bieber definitely made the cut, and performed "Baby" with Swift on one of the stops.

And It Resulted In This Twirl Hug

How is it possible that these two people are not even on the same side of such a major issue right now?!

When Bieber Punk'd Swift

Although convincing someone who truly adores the idea of true love that she ruined someone's wedding is a really, really mean trick, it was just a sign of how much Bieber liked her at the time. And even though he pulled one over on her, they hugged and laughed about it, because they were BFFs. We didn't know it then, but these were the golden years.

The 2011 Teen Choice Awards

Look at Swift, Gomez, and Bieber all sitting together, taking in an awards show together. Enjoy this sight, because it will probably never happen again.

They Even Danced Together

This time, they switched it up and danced along to Gomez performing.

And Then Swift Just Danced Near Bieber

This is part of a segment on The Ellen Show where Swift and Zac Efron did crazy dance moves behind unsuspecting people — some of them friends, some of them strangers. Bieber was included, and this was even more proof that their friendship was still going strong.

But It Wasn't Meant To Last

After the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, Swift's disdain for Bieber became really clear. Why? I'm guessing it had something to do with his on again, off again relationship with Gomez, but only Swift and Bieber know for sure. Either way, Swift sticking out her tongue at Bieber became epic immediately.

And Then Swift Made Her Feelings Clear

And when Swift was asked her thoughts about Bieber winning the Milestone Award later that night? She asked to answer a different question instead. Ouch!

No matter how they feel about each other now, it's pretty clear that they once made pretty adorable friends. Maybe there's hope for a reconciliation in the future? Maybe not. I have a feeling Bieber would have to take back his pro Kanye West stance first.

Images: Morebieberforme idk, JustinBieberFanSpot, SelGomezMusicVideo/YouTube