Izzy & Vinny Hit It Off On 'BiP'

It wouldn't be Bachelor in Paradise if there wasn't an immediate day one connection. This time BiP Season 2 stars Vinny and Izzy hit it off right away and things are looking good for the pair as of the premiere. But, just because they're getting along now doesn't necessarily mean their relationship transitioned to real life. Are Vinny and Izzy still together after Bachelor in Paradise ?

Now, that's sort of a tough question to answer because they can't really give anything away. We'll have to watch the show to get the full story on their romance. But, I did snoop a bit on their social media a little to see if there were any clues to this couple's fate.

The thing the pair have in common is that they're both promoting the show a lot. So, maybe that points to them having had a good time and being excited to watch it unfold? Or maybe it's just a requirement of the job, and ABC requests that they talk about the show to encourage people to tune in. Don't worry, though, self-promotion isn't the only thing happening on their social media profiles. There are quite a few clues to the pair's life after Paradise.

The Case For A Breakup

There are a few things that could hint at a breakup, like Vinny retweeting the above tweet about being single. Of course, maybe he was just flattered at the idea that someone in the Twittersphere wanted to date him. But, he has been posting pics of him posing with other women, which I can't imagine Izzy would love if she was still dating him...

The Case For Still Together

Just four weeks ago Izzy posted a pic of her hanging out with Vinny. She wouldn't have done that if there wasn't something between them, right? At the very least, they're friends. But, is there more than friendship left between them? We'll have to tune in to find out, but I'm hoping they stick it out. So far, they're pretty adorable together!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC