How To Take Your Braid To The Next Level

Braids are such simple and fun ways to elevate any look. These hairstyles can be dressed up or down, and there are even extra ways to make any braid look even cooler. Because you don't just have to weave it and leave it. You can add extra volume, texture, and even accessories to take any type of braid to the next level.

Of course, one way to switch up your everyday braid is to try a new type of plait. Try a fishtail or rope braid on for size. Or hey, you could even start adding more strands to create a four or five-strand braid for a slightly more complicated take on the traditional three-strand. Just becoming familiar with one or two types of braids and a few ways to amp them up will allow you to rock a different, next-level plait every single day of the week if you wanted. The options are pretty much endless. After all, hair is kind of like your own built-in accessory, so you might as well have some fun with it. So you can easily elevate your style, here are 10 simple ways to take any braid to the next level.

1. Try Extensions

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For a super-long braid, or if you really want to amp up the volume, add some extensions before braiding your hair. Move over, Rapunzel.

2. Wave, Crimp, Or Curl Your Hair First


If your hair is naturally straight, add some extra volume and texture to your braid by first curling, crimping, or even adding some salt spray and scrunching it. Your braid will look much thicker and more effortless.

3. Add Some Sparkle

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Add some dimension to your braid by throwing in something sparkly. It could be a bit of leftover, holiday tinsel; some glittery bobby pins; or even straight-up hair glitter (don't pretend like you haven't been hoarding some since the 90s).

4. Pin In Baubles

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OK seriously, how cute are these little pearls? You could also pin or clip in some rhinestones or other tiny hair accessories. Braids don't get much more mermaid-esque than this.

5. Add Colored Extensions

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Whether they're a color found in natural or something a bit more wild, extensions that don't match your allover shade add even more excitement to an already gorgeous braid.

6. Inception Braid

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Before braiding all of your hair, separate it into the strands you need, and then braid one (or more!) of those sections first. Braiding with braids isn't as complex as it sounds, but it'll sure look the part.

7. Add A Ribbon Or Chain

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For a pop of color or shine, weave a ribbon, bandana, or even a chain or necklace into your braid. The texture that spans the length of your braid really gives it that something extra.

8. Pin It Up

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Quickly transform the look of your braid by wrapping it over your head for an easy Milkmaid style, or twist and pin it on the top, back, or side of your head for a cool take on a top-knot.

9. Add Flowers

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While I'm always a fan of flowers in hair, pinning some along a braid is just such a soft and sweet look.

10. Make It Messy

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If you like a messy bun, you'll love a messy braid. Tug on your plait to loosen the strands, and even pull small pieces out for a chic yet disheveled vibe.

But really any of these elements will make your braid game oh-so strong.

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