A Trump Presidency Just Got Even Scarier

On Wednesday morning, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough reminded the country why a President Donald Trump doesn't go well with nuclear weapons. The Morning Joe host said Wednesday morning that the Republican nominee repeatedly asked a foreign policy adviser why the United States couldn't use nuclear weapons more readily. "Several months ago, a foreign policy expert on the international level went to advise Donald Trump. And three times [Trump] asked about the use of nuclear weapons. Three times he asked at one point if we had them, why can't we use them," Scarborough said. Trump's campaign has already denied Scarborough's claim. "There is no truth to this," Trump campaign spokesperson Hope Hicks told The Hill.

While Scarborough's claim about Trump and nuclear weapons hasn't been verified, the Republican presidential nominee has expressed a penchant for increasing the number of countries armed with nuclear weapons. In July, Trump said:

You have so many countries already - China, Pakistan, you have so many countries, Russia - you have so many countries right now that have them... Now, wouldn't you rather, in a certain sense, have Japan have nuclear weapons when North Korea has nuclear weapons?

When asked how he felt about Saudi Arabia having nuclear weapons, Trump didn't seem all that concerned. While he first said he didn't approve of Saudi Arabia having nuclear weapons when asked by CNN's Anderson Cooper at a Town Hall conference in Milwaukee this past March, Trump appeared to be resigned and placid toward the prospect just seconds later. “It's going to happen anyway. It's only a question of time," he said.

You can watch Scarborough's anecdote about Trump asking three times why the United States doesn't use nuclear weapons below in the tweet:

Scarborough's anecdote about Trump's reported eagerness to deploy nuclear weapons comes as both parties' presidential nominees are set to receive top-secret briefings from the national intelligence office, possibly as early as this week, according to a report from the Associated Press.