Things You Missed In The 'Gilmore Girls' Teaser

The first time I watched the Gilmore Girls revival trailer, I didn't do much else other than bask in the glory of Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel being on screen together again (as well as reliving my fleeting youth). But, the problem with fangirling so hard is that you can miss key details. I've since realized that the trailer that was released was done so deliberately — it was never meant to be in the series, so a lot of things could be overlooked even though they're well-placed clues. And, it's that very deliberateness that had me giving it a second glance. And, as you'd guess, there are a bunch of things you may have missed in the Gilmore Girls trailer.

Don't worry though, they're all good things. I think.

Unfortunately, while the scene of Rory and Lorelai drinking their beloved coffee and chatting over that day's news is wonderful and fantastic and great, it's admitedly a bit hard to analyze. The two ladies are in focus, whereas the setting behind them is not so much. It's OK though, because I like to think I am particularly observant and also slightly obsessive. Thanks to that attention to detail, I picked up on some interesting tidbits that might be of interest to you Gilmore Girls fans. Especially those of you who are waiting with baited breath until the premiere in November.

Here are some things you may not have noticed from the Gilmore Girls revival trailer:

This Scene Takes Place During "Winter"

Peep the poinsettia on the table, the lights, the candy cane hanging on the wall right over Lorelai's right shoulder, and the stocking adjacent to it.

The Yale Flag Is Still Flying High

As it should, as it should.

Um, Yeah, Lorelai's Shirt

You can't see it until the camera finally pans around in Lorelai's direction, but her shirt reads, "I'm with human." Yes, this is a sweater from Graham's real-life friend Rachel Antonoff's line — but what if it's actually a hint, too? *Whistles* You know, there's also that whole Lorelai "eating healthy foods" pregnancy theory...

Rory's Room Looks Lived In

Are the Gilmore Girls back together officially, as in living in the same place? I sure hope so.

Most Importantly, They're Eating Poptarts, And It's Possibly A HUGE DEAL

And then...

In the video above, Lorelai explains how she had always loved Pop-tarts because it was exactly what her mother would never let her have, and thus thinking about it in hindsight, spurred on her existential crisis of wondering whether or not she truly enjoys anything she thought she did, or, like the Pop-Tarts, she just enjoys things because Emily doesn't. It seems weirdly unimportant for Lorelai to truly care if Pop-Tarts are the end all and be all of breakfast like she thought they were, but it isn't. Because, in this period of the show, Lorelai had just broken up with Luke. The conversation was a decoy for the real issue at hand that she'd rather not openly discuss — her confusion over her feelings for Luke.

So, following this logic, if Lorelai is eating Pop-Tarts in the revival, meaning she does like them after all, then...

Does that mean she's decided on Luke, once and for all too?


Images: Netflix US & Canada