This 'Gilmore Girls' Teaser Clue Could Be Huge

Are you hyperventilating, guys? Because I'm totally hyperventilating right now. And if you're not all juiced up on excitement then I can only imagine that it's because you haven't watched the newly released trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life yet. With all that going on, it's possible that you may have missed this one potential clue from the Gilmore Girls revival trailer — and guys, it could be huge, if it's what I think it is. Literally. So, like, go watch it right now so that we can talk about it, okay? Good.

Now, that you're all up to speed and now probably screeching with joy (I know I am), it's time to slow things down and digest all of this wonderful. Firstly, the trailer shows glimpses of Stars Hollow looking snowy and totally enchanted (I'm sure Lorelai Gilmore is in her element with that Winter finery), with the town hall, the Dragonfly Inn, Luke's Diner, and Doosie's Market all looking exactly how we remember them (but also, totally better). We're also treated to Rory and Lorelai doing their thing, chatting pop culture around the kitchen table. But that's not all.

For starters, it's worth paying attention to the strange placement of the newspaper that Lorelai is reading. I don't know about you, but, when I'm reading a newspaper, it's either resting on my lap, in my hands or flat on a table. At the angle that the paper is resting at, it appears to be hiding a very specific part of Lorelai's body — her stomach. What could that paper possibly be hiding, dear Gilmore Girls fans? Well, Lorelai's sweater could actually be hinting at the answer.

Bearing the slogan I'm With Human, Lorelai's sweater could only imply one of two things. Firstly, that she's simply a massive fan of Rachel Antonoff's witty fashion designs (and really, who isn't?), or the second — Lorelai is pregnant in the Gilmore Girls revival. Though it could be that Lorelai is simply wearing the second half of a matching set that she gifted to Paul Anka for Christmas (Antonoff's line also adorably sells dog hoodies bearing the slogan), I can't help but feel like the slogan is a very specific clue being sent to fans regarding the fact that Lorelai could well be with child in the revival.

After all, if you think back to the classic Gilmore Girls episode, "They Shoot Gilmore's, Don't They?," then you'll remember that Luke and Lorelai shared an adorable conversation where they both admitted that they'd consider having kids if they met the right person. They even shared one of their token you could totally be that person glances, which tortured fans throughout the early seasons of the show. And don't forget about the time that Lorelai dreamt that she was pregnant with Luke's twins. As such, it would make total sense that Lorelai could well be pregnant, and, if that could be the case, then I'm sure all fans are with me when I gleefully whisper I hope Luke is the Father.

There is, perhaps, one final titbit of a clue to be found in the trailer which could imply that not only could Luke be the father of this potential child, but also that him and Lorelai could be getting married in the revival. Look closely at the above picture, specifically at Lorelai's right hand. See that small ring on her third finger? Kind of looks like the sort of tasteful piece of jewelry that Luke would likely choose. And I know what you're already thinking, but it can't be an engagement ring, it's on the wrong hand, dummy. Ah, but is it?

Though every woman tends to take on wedding and engagement traditions differently and may even put their own personal spin on it all, traditionally the engagement ring gets moved to the third finger of the right hand on the day of the wedding. Once you're married, the ring then gets moved back to the third finger of your left hand. Could it be that the scene we're watching in the Gilmore Girls revival trailer takes place on the day of Luke and Lorelai's wedding? I live in hope, you guys. Considering that there were some clues from behind the scenes images which appeared to hint at a Stars Hollow wedding, then it seems super likely that it could be theirs.

I guess we'll just have to wait until Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life premieres on November 25 on Netflix to see whether or not Lorelai really could be pregnant and if there's a wedding on the cards between her and Luke. But until then, I guess I'm just going to have to resume walking around in a cloud of gleeful anticipation, and praying to the Netflix gods that Luke and Lorelai are totally getting hitched, and making babies together.

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