Will the 'Walking Dead' Characters Reunite?

Since the show’s midseason finale, The Walking Dead has been preparing for a big reunion between its scattered characters. Everyone that got separated after leaving the prison are eventually going to find each other — possibly at the safe camp “Terminus”? Unfortunately, this week’s episode wasn’t the reunion Dead fans have been waiting for. Although we’ll have to wait at least another week for some real action, this week’s episode included some important updates to the plot. Let's run them down:

  • Sasha, Bob, and Maggie had their ups and downs this episode. The little group had their inner quarrels, but everything got resolved in the end. (How sweet.) After struggling against walkers in the fog, the group learns about Terminus and Maggie thinks it would be best to head there, in hopes of finding Glenn. Bob agreed, but Sasha did not want to go since she pretty much gave up all hope that anyone else was actually alive. Maggie wasn’t going to put up with Sasha’s attitude and left the group, leaving only a note. Long story short, Bob and Sasha kiss. But that doesn’t change anything, and Bob headed off to find Maggie/Terminus and Sasha decided to set out on her own. Well, when Sasha was out on her own, she is the one who ended up finding Maggie. After killing some walkers and a little heart to heart, Maggie convinces Sasha that nobody can make it on their own. By the end of the episode, the two of them end up catching up to Bob and the three head on to Terminus.
  • After Beth and Daryl’s night of heavy drinking, neither of them seem too worse for wear when we meet back up with them in this week’s episode. Even though Daryl pretty much told Beth he didn’t really like her, the two seem to have patched things up or have forgotten what was said. They end up at a funeral home/morgue overlooking a cemetery. Not creepy at all, right? Nothing in the house is dusty, so they suspect someone else has been living there. Regardless, they ate some of the food and made themselves at home. Beth even started playing the piano and singing… and Daryl didn’t even seem to mind. Since Beth and Daryl happened to stumble into an ideal living situation, they decide to set up camp in the house for awhile. Not even a moment after they set their plans to hunker down, Daryl accidentally lets a bunch of walkers into the house. After a long struggle, he made it out of the house and saw a car speeding away. Beth had been kidnapped! Gasp.
  • Following the kidnapping, Daryl finds himself wandering by the railroad tracks. So… who does he meet up with, as it seems everyone we know is somewhere along the tracks? Or course, he meets strangers!
  • We got to see Glenn for a split-second and realize he is heading for Terminus. So, will he be reunited with Maggie? This all seems too good to be true.
  • It looks like most of the Grimes crew is heading to Terminus. But what do we even know about this place?
  • There have been a couple different signs for Terminus, which describe that all who arrive will survive.
  • The camp is somewhere along the railroad tracks; we just aren’t sure how far away all the different groups are at this point.
  • Awhile back, Bob heard the a radio transmission from Terminus, which means they have some way to broadcast.

Fingers crossed that this Terminus is as safe as it has been made out to be. Something about this place seems to be too good to be true…Standout zombie kill of the episode: The show’s plot may be getting monotonous, but that doesn’t mean that the zombie-killing scenes are getting any less creative. In this week’s episode, we got to see Maggie chop a bunch of walkers with a street sign. Bonus points for creativity.

Image: AMC