This Could Be When The Next 'GG' Trailer Airs

Like every other Gilmore Girls fan on the planet, I'm 99 percent addict, 1 percent reasonable human being. Since the trailer premiered, all I've been able to ask myself is when the next Gilmore Girls trailer will finally air. Luckily for me (and GG fans everywhere, I assume), though, I am a scientist. A television scientist. Sure, that's a qualification I've just invented, but trust me: before you know it, I'll be teaching a course at Harvard, and then you'll be eating your words.

The joy of the Gilmore Girls revival is that it is (boom!) coming to us via Netflix. And Netflix, wouldn't you know it, has a lot of data pertaining to much hyped releases with lots of juicy trailers — enough that it might be possible to predict when the next GG trailer will be released. So let's do this thing: Strap on your goggles, enter the television laboratory, spatula aloft, and get ready to dissect some data. How long do we normally have to wait for to get more trailers?

Exhibit one: Daredevil. This was Marvel's first attempt to build a television empire that would match their impressive cinematic offerings, and who better to pair with than this century's version of television, Netflix? Literally no one, that's who.

1. Daredevil Season 2

Daredevil Season 2 came out in Spring 2016, on March 18. The first full trailer, on the other hand, was out Feb. 15, the follow up trailer came out on February 25, then a third and final trailer came out on March 15, just a few days before the debut. By this reckoning, we'd be looking at a new Gilmore Girls trailer, ooh, around about now, no?

2. Bojack Horseman Season 3

But, hey, Gilmore Girls is a comedy, not a Marvel feature, so why not look to something a wee bit more light-hearted? (Just a tad, though.) Bojack Horseman, for instance. While it premiered on July 22, it got a Season 3 date announcement on May 25, official trailer on June 29, and a "press day" feature on July 19. So, if we're horsing around like Bojack does, then the projected next trailer would be a month and four days later, so on August 31.

3. Arrested Development Season 4

The Bluth family made their much hyped return to television on May 26, 2013. So what was the trailer release schedule like, way back in 2013? We got a teaser clip "No Smoking" on April 26. The first official trailer dropped on May 12, and this was followed by a Season 4 clip "GOB's Bees" on May 24. According to this schedule, we'd be looking at a full-length official trailer 16 days later, so August 12.

4. Orange Is The New Black Season 4

Netflix likes to do a whole bunch of quirky marketing, and maybe that's part of the reason we're all slavish converts to the service. So, during Oscar season, they released a teaser titled "For Your Incarceration" on February 28, on March 24 they got the OITNB cast to deliver a witty take on Kimmy Schmidt's infamous "Peeno Noir" song, and on May 10 we got the official trailer you can see above. Orange Is The New Black finally premiered, as promised, on June 17. So by this logic, we'd get the next Gilmore Girls trailer one month, two days later, on August 29.

5. Sense8 Season 1

Sense8 premiered on June 5, 2015. The official trailer dropped on May 7, so fairly shortly before the series came out. There were "character trailers" for the eight interconnected characters, with one for Riley in London, Capheus in Nairobi, Will in Chicago, Wolfgang in Berlin, Lito in Mexico City, Sun in Seoul, Nomi in San Francisco, and Kala in Mumbai, which debuted simultaneously on May 28, We got a trippy, hallucinogenic-esque concept trailer the day before it dropped on June 4, 2015. So, in short, the marketing was as original as the storyline itself. If Gilmore Girls rocks the same edgy timeline, then we'd be looking at a brief 19-day gap and the pleasingly-soon August 15 as the next date for a trailer.

6. Jessica Jones Season 1

Jessica Jones had an appropriately drizzly, grey premiere date for its dark subject matter: November 20. The premiere was pre-empted by two official trailers, the first of which dropped on October 23, and the second of which built anticipation just 10 days prior to the show on November 10. If Gilmore Girls is taking the strong femme route of Jessica Jones, then we'll see just one more trailer and this would be after a tiny 17 day gap — so August 13 would be the next date for a trailer.

Somehow, I don't totally buy into this though. Just two trailers for the biggest release of the year for Netflix? Color me skeptical.

7. Marco Polo Season 2

Marco Polo burst back onto our laptop screens on July 1 this year. We got the first official trailer on June 8. This was followed up by a Season 2 featurette on June 29, with interviews with the cast and crew building anticipation and doing a bit of scene-setting for those who hadn't previously seen the show. So, according to this, we'd be looking at approximately 19 days for the next Gilmore Girls trailer, which would, again, suggest an August 15 date for the next trailer.

8. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 fulfilled all our hopes and dreams on April 15. Clearly Netflix is as a big a fan of Kimmy as I am, because there were teasers galore. We got the official trailer on March 14, got a "Kimmy-fy your world" trailer that could be viewed in eight different ways across the Internet on March 29, and we got a sneak peek featuring the deliciously catty Deidre on April 7. According to this, we're looking at a 15 day gap for the next trailer, which would mean — eek — a new trailer on August 11.

9. Narcos Season 1

The world first fell in love with Pablo Escobar's exploits on August 28, 2015. We got our first official trailer on July 15, which was followed by a second trailer on August 18. After that, along with the series launch, we got the opening credits published on YouTube on the same date. Honestly, given the fact that Gilmore Girls isn't dropping 'til November, this thing is a marathon, not a sprint. A more leisurely spacing between trailers, a la Narcos, seems more likely. One month, three days later? That would bring us to August 30.

10. Master Of None Season 1

The premiere date was November 6, 2015, and Netflix were playing it pretty daring with the trailers, with the first one dropping approximately two weeks earlier, on October 22. Then there was a long gap until they released the short "Relationships: Finale" just two days before the release: a smart move, since it sums up so much of what the show's about (race handled with a mix of earnestness and sharp comedy, dating, a broader look at the patterns of young adulthood). Then they released shorts on the same day as the premiere: "Indians on TV", "The Other Man: Wingman", "Old People: The Elderly", "Mornings: Orgasm", and "Nashville: Yelp." So if Gilmore Girls was following the same innovative model, then they'd presumably hold off on broadcasting any further trailers until two days before the release: November 23, 2016. Here's hoping Gilmore Girls play it a little more by the book and give us some more juice before then.

Most of the dates here have shared one key word: August. So, whether or not you also have a degree in TV science, I think we can use some common sense here to reach a rather pleasing conclusion: we're getting a new trailer this month. Get excited. There's (almost certainly) going to be new Lorelai and Rory on your laptop screen this month. And what could possibly give you better vibes than that?

Images: Netflix