'Revenge's Return Was A Shocker

The new 10pm time slot is going to do wonders for Revenge. The ABC drama returned Sunday night with a packed episode that left us scratching our heads. This isn't the Revenge that aired two months ago, but that might actually be a good thing. The show debuted at its new time, 10pm, on Sunday night and it's clear that the freedom that comes with airing later in the primetime block is really going to shake things up.

Before we broke for a painfully long time, Emily Thorne was just about recovered from Daniel Grayson shooting her on their wedding night. Other than that — Daniel had had an affair with Sarah, Patrick had found his birth father (and found out he was a child of rape), and Niko learned that Aiden was the one who killed her father, Takeda. Thankfully, on Sunday night we were finally able to forget about Sarah's annoying and pointless storyline to focus on things that were even juicier — here's your guide to Revenge's shocking return episode:

Emily's Blackouts Are Most Powerful Than We Thought

At the end of the show's previous episode, Emily woke up in Conrad's hotel room — with no idea of how she got there and why. And those blackouts are getting a hell of a lot worse. On Sunday night, we learned that during the particular blackout that led her to Conrad, Emily also called the first Mrs. Grayson and told her that she wanted her help with a divorce. (Stevie Grayson is a high-powered divorce attorney for the rich and famous.) She also told her that she was in love with someone else — so Blackout Emily is apparently Truth-Talking Emily.

The remainder of Sunday night's episode fly by in a blur — literally. It was impossible to discern whether or not Emily was in blackout mode as she slipped in and out of it all night. First, Blackout Emily showed up and tried, aggressively, to hook up with Aiden — who basically told her to back off. Then, Nolan found Blackout Emily sleeping on the front porch of her old house with no recollection of the past 24 hours. And, according to Emily's doctors, the abnormality in her CAT scan isn't an explanation for the blackouts — but you'll never guess what is.

According to Nolan, Emily's mother suffered her first psychotic break (she tried to down Emily) at her age and Emily might be following in her footsteps. It would make sense, considering that Emily's getting violent and it's almost as if her brain is turning against her. Or as Nolan put it — her mind isn't on board with the revenge plan anymore and now it's trying to sabotage Emily.


Patrick burned down the gallery during the show's last episode and he hired his rapist father to do the electrical repairs — much to Victoria's dismay. So, why hire the guy that raped your mother that you love so much? So he can kill him — an idea that Victoria immediately tried to squash but it ended up going down anyway.

He and Patrick chat it up while he does repairs in the gallery and Patrick debates whether or not it'd be a great idea to electrocute him to death. (He ultimately decides not to.) And it actually seems like he might be feeling a desire to get to know his birth father. Well, that's short-lived. When his father shows up at Grayson Manor during Charlotte's birthday party, the shit really hits the fan.

Victoria flies over to the gallery like a bat out of hell to reprimand Patrick for not firing his father like she commanded earlier in the episode. Patrick's like, "sorry I'm not sorry, mom," and tries to explain himself when his father shows up. And it immediately becomes clear that he is totally not a changed man. He advances like a predator on Victoria and Patrick and in the blink of an eye, Patrick hits him over the head and he's on the floor bleeding profusely from his skull. He begs for help and Victoria, in a powerful moment, repeats his words back to him, "Relax, Honey." The same words he said to her before he raped her when she was 15 years old. WELL, SHIT, REVENGE.

Victoria and Patrick decide not to call the cops or 911 and instead just watch him die. So now what, guys?

Stevie Grayson Is Jack's Mom

WHAT THE HELL. Stevie Grayson hung around the Stowaway a lot on Sunday night's episode and dropped subtle hints that it used to be her favorite place. But, apparently, it wasn't because they had great drinks and it was off the Hamptons' beaten path. The real reason why the first Mrs. Grayson loved that bar so much — she had an affair with Jack's father AND JACK IS HER SON.

In the last few minutes of Sunday night's episode, Stevie revealed that she's the rightful owner of Grayson Manor and promptly headed over to the Stowaway to ask Jack to share the stories about Conrad he alluded to earlier in the episode. When Jack asks why she's so interested in chatting about his father, the Stowaway, and how Conrad was so terrible to him she drops a shocker — "JACK, I AM YOUR MOTHER." (Well, not in those exact words, but it sounds more dramatic that way.) And we're off on another paternity scandal.

We're definitely not disappointed that Revenge moved to 10pm if Sunday night's episode is any indication of where the show's third season is headed. Things are going to get really dark in the Hamptons and we like it.

Image: ABC