Things We All Do When We Start To Miss The '90s

I recently moved to a new home, and in the process, I discovered a few boxes filled with odds and ends from my '90s childhood — a purple Space Jam hat, my favorite Barbie dolls, a book about periods (SWEET!). As I picked through these relics of my youth, it occurred to me that I may not have totally let go of it. In fact, I think there are things every person nostalgic for the '90s has done in their adult life. We all have our own little ways of paying homage to the best decade ever, whether that's through sporting '90s trends that have made a comeback in our everyday lives, or building a pillow fort in which to read all those Goosebumps books we still love when no one else is watching.

It's a strange balance, really: I look at my childhood and young people today, and I feel like the oldest fart in the world. But at the same time, the '90s feels like they were just a few years ago. It feels like yesterday that I was watching Doug and eating Bubble Jug straight from the bottle, prancing around in my jelly shoes while wearing a Ring Pop on my finger.

I may be 26 (that's when I officially started lying about my age), but no one can deny that we all do these things when we're feeling nostalgic for the '90s.

1. Secretly Putting Gushers In Your Grocery Cart

Because you're never too old for goo-filled fruit snacks.

2. Having Animated Movie Marathons When You're Home Alone

Yes, I watched Anastasia while my boyfriend was running errands. No, I'm not ashamed.

3. Sneaking Butterfly Clips Into Your Hair

You played it off as, "Oh, my hair was in my face and this was all I could find." But we know the truth.

4. Singing Spice Girls Songs With The Accent

We don't judge here.

5. Stopping In The Barbie Section At The Store

You told a curious employee that you were shopping for your nieces and nephews. Luckily, said employee doesn't know you're an only child and therefore can't possibly have nieces and nephews.

6. Seeing How Many Lemon Warheads You Can Put In Your Mouth Before You Cry

Because I do what I want.

7. Organizing School Or Work Papers In A Trapper Keeper

You love the sound of velcro ripping apart.

8. Re-reading Rainbow Fish And Chrysanthemum

You needed a little breather after The Da Vinci Code and The Kite Runner.

9. Wearing Roll-On Body Glitter

But only wear on your eyelids. And cheeks. That's it. Really.

10. Bringing Back Tattoo Chokers

Apparently chokers are making a comeback, so now you have an excuse (not that you needed one)!

11. Binge Watching Saved By The Bell And Friends On Your Streaming Service Of Choice

Do. Not. Disturb.

12. Building Forts In The Living Room

You are never — I repeat, never — too old for a couch-and-blanket fort.

13. Blowing On Something To Try To Fix It

It worked for Nintendo cartridges. Why not smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, iPads...

14. Dressing Up As The Sanderson Sisters With Your Friends For Halloween

You were Winifred, obvi.

15. Vogue-ing At The Grocery Store, Apparently

I'm just going to leave this right here.

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