16 Things Introverts Did In The '90s

by Megan Grant

As an adult, I have no problem accepting that I'm an introvert. As a child, however, I tried desperately to fit in, pretending to be a social butterfly when really, I just wanted to be home watching Rugrats. These days, I prefer the company of my books and my boyfriend and my dog; but the things introverts did in the '90s, especially as children, looked a whole lot different.

Even as a clueless kid, when you're an introvert, you know you're different from the more extroverted people of the world. You can just feel it. I certainly knew it. I knew it when I opted to eat lunch in the back of the library, with only my books next to me. I knew it when I got out of class field trips because I preferred to stay behind. I knew it when I realized that one of the reasons I love being a writer is because I get to do it alone. And you know what? There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, as an adult, I love it and appreciate it.

But that's not all we introverted kids did in the '90s. Oh no. We had plenty of weird, awkward ways of trying to figure ourselves out. Don't feel bad for us — we still had plenty of fun all by ourselves.

1. Tea Parties With... Yourself

Your Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids were invited, though.

2. Forming Your Own Version Of The Spice Girls

Except you played every part.

3. Single Player Video Games FTW

Every time you played yourself in Mario Kart, you won.

4. Creating Masterpieces In Microsoft Paint

Today it's wine and canvas. In the '90s, it was Paint and Hi-C.

5. Organizing Your Beanie Baby Collection

You either did it alphabetically, or — if you wanted a real challenge — by birthday. I never did this, just so we're clear...

6. Building Forts Out Of Boxes, Furniture, And Blankets

Note: This is still perfectly acceptable to do as an adult.

7. Spending Hours Buried In Books

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, Goosebumps, and Captain Underpants, please and thank you.

8. Taking Selfies With Your Disposable Camera

You made selfies cool before selfies were even a thing.

9. Going To Pizza Parties And Then Hiding In The Bathroom

You'd just sit in the stall like, "Yeah, this is cool too."

10. Attending Sleepovers And Refusing To Sleep Over

I'd usually fake sick so my mom would pick me up early.

11. Trying To Beat Your Tetris Score On Your Gameboy

This is the ultimate game for introverts.

12. Mastering The Game Of Solitaire

Another great game for loners. But really, you just wanted to see this screen.

13. Giving Yourself FruitStripe Gum Wrapper Tattoos

So hardcore.

14. Seeing How High You Could Blow Bubbles In Your Chocolate Milk Before It Overflowed

It was an art, really.

15. Talking To Dozens Of People Online But Talking To No One In Person

Your mom asked you to meet new people, so you joined a Buffy chatroom.

16. The Only Friends You Ever Knew

And they were amazing.

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