11 Effortless Ways To Celebrate National Lazy Day

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Happy National Lazy Day! Aug. 10 officially marks the date we're meant to give in to our natural human desires to be lazy. It's time to string up that hammock, kick off your shoes, and celebrate National Lazy Day by committing to hours of accomplishing nothing but indulging in some much-needed unproductive time.

It comes as no surprise that there isn't a lot of information surrounding National Lazy Day — one can only assume the holiday's ingenious founders were too lazy to be bothered. And honestly, do we really need a backstory? We already know the date the holiday falls on and exactly how to successfully spend it. It's only appropriate that the holiday comes right near the end of summer when we're worn out from our season full of adventures and are resisting the impending responsibilities that colder months bring. As for celebrating, just take a cue from what you usually do when you're putting other things off.

This year, National Lazy Day falls mid-week, but don't let that stop you from channeling your laziest self. Hump Day is the perfect time to let things get a little lax, and if you can't get your full lazy fix on Wednesday, indulge in some belated participation come the weekend. So in case you're at a loss for just how to get your laze on for National Lazy Day, here's a roundup of 11 effortless ways to celebrate.

1. Sleep in

Reevaluate your morning routine to maximize the number of Z's you can catch before heading to work. Lay out your clothes the night before and cut down on the primping you require before you head out the door. It's National Lazy Day after all, and that means it's almost required that you hit "snooze" at least a couple of times.

2. Lounge

Once you're up, don't commit to being all the way up. Today is a day to commit to such positions as slouching, leaning back, leaning in, and engaging in a serious recline. Depending on your job, you may not be able to fully get your Cleopatra on at work, but lounge when you can — on your commute or your lunch break — and fully give in to luxuriating once you've made it back to the comforts of your home.

3. Indulge in your phone without distractions

Once you've survived the work day, go all out with the unproductive activities you usually end up feeling guilty about. Today is the day to feel guilt-free, made for losing yourself for hours in social media newsfeeds and taking the time to catch every last Pidgey on "Pokemon Go." Carve out some time completely devoted to staring at your screen.

4. Unplug

Another option is to go the opposite route, disconnecting from your phone for a few hours of uninterrupted bliss. Once you're free from work, declare the rest of the day phone-free. Make zero effort to keep on top of emails, check who's texted, or even check the time.

5. Take a long soak in the tub

National Lazy Day is begging for some tender loving care, so treat yourself to a hot bath. Turn on some relaxing music, pour yourself a glass of wine, and completely indulge and forget every care in the world.

6. Forgo cooking

Keep physical labor to a minimum today and grab some food on the go or have it delivered straight to your door. The only finger you should be lifting is swiping up that last glob of melted cheese from your burrito wrapper.

7. Stalk people on social media

If you really want to watch the time fly by while accomplishing nothing at all, go ahead and stalk people on social media. Catching up on how your high school crush has been spending the last decade will be a refreshing trip down memory lane while requiring nothing more from you than a couple of clicks and some shameless curiosity.

8. Online window shop

Once you've exhausted all channels of social media stalking, treat yourself to some window shopping. But instead of venturing outdoors and committing to such things as putting on pants and walking, window shop from the cozy comforts of your own couch. Flip through the best the online retail world has to offer, with a glass of wine in hand and no closing times to worry about.

9. Catch up on an entire season of a TV show

If you're in the mood for entertainment that requires even less effort than social media stalking or online window shopping, tune in to a TV show you haven't tackled yet and let it play episode after episode. You're only the "play all" button away.

10. Watch the clouds go by

If even these activity options require too much effort and you're totally at a loss for lazy things to do, simply do nothing at all. Grab a blanket, go outside, and watch the clouds go by without a single thing on your mind or on the agenda.

11. Make a list of all the things you're going to do

Since you're fully committed to not accomplishing a single thing today, combat any fledgling feelings of guilt by making a list of everything you're going to do. One day. Just not today. For every "clean room," "do laundry," and "restock pantry" you add to the list, you'll be freeing yourself of the weight of impending responsibility without actually having to address it. Or, if you really want to clear your mind of anything responsible today, make a list of ways you plan to spend your next lazy day (the weekend's just around the corner).

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